15 terms

chapter 19 air pressure and wind

air pressure
the pressure exerted by the weight of the air above
device used to for measuring air pressure
pressure gradient
the amount of pressure change occurring over a given distance
Coriolis effect
describes how Earth's rotation affects moving objects
jet streams
fast moving rivers of air that travel between 120 and 240 kilometers per hour in a west-to-east direction
centers of low pressure
centers of high pressure
trade winds
two belts of winds that blow almost constantly from easterly directions
make up the dominant west-to-east motion of the atmosphere that characterizes the regions on the poleward side of the subtropical highs
polar easterlies
winds that blow from the polar high toward the subpolar low
polar front
the stormy belt produced by the interaction of warm and cool air masses
seasonal changes in wind direction
prevailing wind
wind that consistently blows more often from one direction than any other
instrument used to measure wind speed
El Nino
episodes of ocean warming that affect the eastern tropical Pacific