Ishmael's mother is Hagar
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The Qu'ran Muslims pray 5 times a dayTRUEIndonesia is the country with the most Muslim.TRUEEgypt is the country with the most Muslims.FALSESunnis account for 10% of MuslimsFALSE85% of Muslims are ShiaFALSEIslam means submission to GodTRUEHebrew Bible is conidered a holy book in Islam but not the Christian New TestamentFALSEThe common greeting among Muslims is "As-Salam-u-Alaikum" or "Peace Be Upon You."TRUEthe Qu'ran teaches that Muslims are the descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abnraham and HagarTRUEA follower of Islam is called a MuslimTRUEIn Islam Jesus is a prophet.TRUEThe Christian New Testament and the Hebrew Bible are holy books in Islam.TRUESufism is an Islamic sect that focuses more on mystical practiceTRUEIslam's beliefs are the same as Christianity'sFALSEIn Islam Muhammed is a prophetTRUEIslamic tradition prohibits depicting GodTRUEAllah is the Arabic word for GodTRUEIslam has 5 pillarsTRUEThe Qur'an refers to Jews and Christians as fellow people of the book, the Holy BibleTRUEMiuhammed was raised a Christian from early childhoodFALSEMuhammed was born in MeccaTRUEWhen Muhammed was young, the Ka'bah was a polytheistic shrine. But, Islamic traditoion ho9lds the Muhammed was never a polytheist.TRUEMuhammed was born in 570 c.e.TRUEMuhammed was a member of the Quraysh tribe in Mecca, the tribe that maintained the Ka'bah in MeccaTRUEMuhammed is called divine in IslamFALSEWe have extensive accounts of Muhammed's early life.FALSEMuhammed may have spent the early years of his life living in the desert with a Bedouin tribe, this was common among members of his clan.TRUEMuhammed's first career was as a caravan manager.TRUEMuhammed met Khadija through his work as a caravan manager, she offered to marry Muhammed, and he agreed.TRUEIn his thirties, Muhammed started to seek solitude in caves around Mecca where he could meditate.TRUEOn his 60th birthday, Muhammed started to receive visions.FALSEThe Angel Michael recited the Qur'an to MuhammedFALSEThje revelations of the Qur'an took place over 23 years.TRUEFrom the beginning. Muhammed understood his visions to be messages from God.FALSEOther people helped Muhammed record his revelations.TRUEThe Qur'an is understood in mainstream Islam to be a dictation under God's direction of the message God wanted Muhammed to deliver to humanity.TRUE