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To ensure that all laws are "faithfully executed"

the most important duty of the president

The commander in chief of the armed forces

duty of the president

appoint heads of executive departments federal courts, judges and other top officials with senate consent

duty of the president

makes treaties

duty of the president

in times of emergency call an executive order

duty of the president

meets and hosts other countries ambassadors

duty of the president

appoints ambassadors

duty of the president

According to the constitution, the president and the vice president must be at least ____ years old


A serious candidate for the presidency must have access to large amounts of ____


the major parties usually choose presidential candidates who hold ______ positions on most issues


________ , democratic candidate for the vice president in 1984. was the first woman nominated by a major party for high office

Geraldine Ferraro

The __ amendment established the order of succession to the presidency and spelled out what happens when the vice presidency becomes vacant


1st in line for the presidency

vice president

2nd in line for the presidency

speaker of the house

3rd in line for the presidency

president pro tempor of the senate

4th in line for the presidency

secretary of state

the vice president will take over for the president if the vice president and the majority of the _____ or another body authorized by law informs congress that the president is disabled.


Unless Congress decides in the vice president's favor by a ____ vote in each house, the president may resume office


the vice president presides over the _____ and votes in that body in case of a tie


the only other duty the vice president has other then presiding over the senate is ________

to be ready to take over for the president

president's salary


twenty - fifth amendment

presidential succession

The maximum time a presideent can be elected to serve is____

10 years

What is the method of choosing the president and vice-president?

electoral college system

How many electors are there in the electoral college?


What is the break down of numbers for the electoral college?

100- senate, 435- house, 3 - D.C.

How many electoral votes mush you have to become president of vice-president?


if a majority of votes are not received, how is the Pres./Vice-Pres. chosen?

the house of representatives

Des an elector have to vote for the candidate who wins the popular vote?

depends on the state

The electoral college is a winner-take-all system - True or False


How many votes does each state get when the house must decide a presidential election?


a president after election but before introduction into office


What caused the origination of the electoral college?

if was fair

How many states have the fewest number of electors?


What is the average number of electors that each state has?


What is the fewest number of states a person needs to win the election?


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