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Odyssey book 1 and start of book 2 quiz

Who is the narrator speaking to in the first stanza?
Where is Odysseus at the beginning?
Island of Ogygia with the daughter of Atlas
Where is Posseidon which allows the gods to consider helping Odysseus?
Away from Mt. Olympus, he went off to enjoy the offerings
What has happened to Aegisthus and why is Zeus upset about it?
He was killed by Orestis because Clidamestra had an affair with Ajitsus
What does Zeus say is the reason Poseidon hates Odysseus?
Odysseys was causing mocking to occur
Who are we told has lovely braids?
As whom does Athena disguise herself?
Where is Telemachus when we first see him?
His house
Before asking his quest questions, what does Telemachus do for him?
Feeds him water and food
Why are the people feasting in Odysseys' palace?
They all want to meet and marry Penelope
What advice does Athena give Telemachus?
Stand up for yourself, warn the suitors/give a warning, talk to the people to get a social network going for you, and get info on your dad
How does Telemachus treat his mother?
moderatly, he corrects her often
Who are the two named suitors?
Antinos, Eurymakhos
What three ways do the suitors entertain themselves?
1. Drinking
2. Raping maids
3. Eating
Identify Eurycleia and Laertes?
Eurycleia- "mother" for Telemachus when he was little
Laertes- father of Odysseus
What does the nurse do with Telemachus' shirt?
Cleans it up
What is Telemachus' blanker?
What does Telemachus bring with him to the assembly?
Sword, two dogs, best sandals, and best clothes
How had Penelope tricked the suitors?
Weaving a shroud
What had she intended to make and who was it intended to be for?
A shroud for Odysseus' father
What sign does Zeus send to show he has heard Telemachus threaten the suitors?
Two eagles
What prophecy does old Halitherses give as a result of seeing number 4?
Odysseus will come back and kill them all