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Logical Fallacies

Appeal To Authority
Appeals to an authority who is not an expert on the issue under discussion. Example: Abortion to save the mother is irrelevant because a pediatric surgeon has never seen a case in which such a dilemma has arisen
Snob Appeal
Appeals to people's desire for prestige and exclusivity. Example: Pamilla's not for everyone. The best never is
Appeal To Fear
Implicitly threatens the audience. Example: Will there be a job waiting when you leave college?
Appeal To Pity
Attempts to win sympathy. Example: Professor Hall, I must get an A in your course. If you don't give me an A, I won't be able to go to law school
Begging The Question
Offers no actual support; may restate as a premise the conclusion in different words. Example: The reason he is so strong is because of his strength