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unity,variety,movement,focal point,rhythm,balance

what was Naepce's contribution to photo?

made first permeant photo

how long was Naepce's exposure time?


What paper did Naepce's use?

pewter plate

When was the first photography announcement?


camera obscura means?


camera obscura was initially used for?

viewing eclipse of sun

what did louis daguerra contribute to photography?


how was daguerra's photos different from Niepce's?

printed on mirror like surface, size=small,detail=defined and angle you had to tilt it

what did talbot print his photos on?


what did talbot contribute to photography?

figured out how to reproduce photos

what was the colodian wet plate process?

+=high quality, can be reproduced
-=process had to be done before plate dried,color can be off

what was Muybridge contribution to photo?

stop motion photo, first horse running

what was muybridge's camera called?


what did kurtis do?

he documented native american and carried around clothing for them to glorify the subjects

what did lewis hine document?

documented child labor, photos inspired laws 2 stop child labor

what did Paul strand do?

leader of straight photo movement(unminipulated)

what was the first snapshot camera called?


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