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If you were using cladistics to build a phylogenic tree of cats, which of the following would be the best outgroup?






like, resembling






Related families are grouped into the next-highest taxon, which is called a __________.

production of milk for young

What is a shared derived character for monotreme, marsupial, and eutherian mammals?


A taxon such as the class Reptilia-which does not include its relatives, the birds- is __________.


The greatest number of shared derived characters should be found in two organisms that were traditionally placed in the same __________.

DNA for ribosomal RNA

A comparative study of what would provide the best data on the early evolution of fungi and plants?

mitochondrial DNA

A comparative study of what would provide the best data on the ancestry of people from Germany, Italy, and Spain?

DNA sequences of orthologous genes

Analysis of what data sets would porduce the most reliable phylogenetic tree?

A pseudogene

What segments of DNA would likely have the fastest molecular clock rate?

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