Modernization Theory v Dependency Theory


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Modernization Theory
Progressive narrative
1. believes 3rd world countries can succeed by following 1st world countries
2. capitalism is a rewards system/entrepreneurship
(society should welcome change/tolerate inequalities that result); underpinned by liberalism
3. democracy and capitalism are natural outgrows of modernization (they go together)
Dependency Theory
1. rejects belief that 3rd world countries can progress by copying 1st world countries
2. capitalism is implemented by Northern nations (development of core countries is linked to underdevelopment of periphery countries ... Marxist underpinning)
3. democracy does not always coincide with rapid development (ex. Latin American military coups)
Contrast 1
While Modernization theorists argue that the economies of the 3rd world will grow if they copy the industrialization model of the global North, Dependency theorists argue that they cannot bc they are enslaved/dependent on Northern countries. The context in which the global south is trying to develop is very different than the one in which the global north developed.
Contrast 2
While modernization argues that democracy and economic growth are outcomes of capitalism, dependency theorists argue that that is not necessarily true and point to the examples of military coups that have happened in Latin America.
Contrast 3
While modernization theorists argue that capitalism is a rewards system and that inequalities have to be tolerated as a result of innovation, dependency theorists argue that capitalism does not develop evenly and is concentrated in core areas and that the development of core countries is linked to the underdevelopment of peripheral countries.