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Suggest going to the cinema
Shall we go to the cinema ?
Why don't we go to the cinema.?
Let's go to the cinema
What about going to the cinema?
Suggest eating a sandwich
Shall we eat a sandwich?
Why don't we eat a sandwich.?
Let's eat a sandwich
What about eating a sandwich?
Suggest meeting for lunch
Shall we meet for lunch ?
Why don't we meet for lunch.?
Let's meet for lunch
What about meeting for lunch?
Suggest bringing some cds
Shall we bring some cds?
Why don't we bring some cds?
Let's bring some cds
What about bringing some cds?
Suggest going for a walk
Shall we go for a walk?
Why don't we.go for a walk?
Let's go for a walk
What about going for a walk?
Suggest playing tennis
Shall we ?
Why don't we.?
What about?
Suggest leaving at 1.00
Shall we play tennis?
Why don't we play tennis.?
Let's play tennis
What about playing tennis?
Suggest taking a taxi
Shall we take a taxi?
Why don't we.take a taxi?
Let's take a taxi
What about taking a taxi?
Suggest opening a window
Shall we open a window?
Why don't we open a window.?
Let's open a window
What about opening a window?