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Aircraft Electrical & Environmental Systems Apprentice

The ________ gave the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) the authority to regulate handling and disposal of hazardous material and waste.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act(RCRA)

Each Air Force base will have a _____ ______ _____ ______ that is developed by Civil Engineers and the Environmental Coordinator.

Hazardous Waste Management Plan

All hazardous materials and waste have two requirements: _____ and a ________

Weatherproof label and a MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)

Where you find the guidance for waste disposal ?

T.O. 42B-1-2-3 and also on the MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)

What is AFOSH stands for?

Air Force Occupational Safety and Health

Which form is used for hazards that cannot be corrected on the spot?

AF Form 457

As little as _____amperes passing through the chest can result in death.


Metal workbenches used while repairing electrical/electronic equipment must be grounded to a _____ resistance ground.


What are the three methods of reducing the hazards of static electricity ?

Grounding, Bonding straps and Static discharger.

What are the three noise factors that affect a person's hearing?

Intensity, Frequency and Duration.

How to protect your hearing against high intensity sound?

Use both Earplugs and Earmuffs.

How a caution sign are generally painted?

Yellow with Black lettering.

How is a danger sign looks?

Danger signs are painted with a white background, black lettering and 'DANGER' highlighted in red.

What kind of containers used to place combustible trash such as oily or paint soaked rags ?

Metal containers with self-closing lids.

What is the preferred method for cleaning equipment ?


How did you clean electrical equipment if you have no other means to do the job ?

Compressed air with a pressure not exceeding 30psi

Prior to use, visually inspect the stand for any leaks or signs of damage and check the attached maintenance Form ______

AFTO Form 244

What are the minimum safe distances around a jet engine?

25ft in front of the intake
5ft behind the intake
200ft behind the aircraft without a blast deflector
100ft behind the blast deflector if there is one.

Where are the Plane of Rotation Hazard lines are located on an aircraft with a jet engine.

Nacelle or Cowling(outer surface of the engine compartment)

A band(line) is usually painted on the ________ to denote the propeller plane of rotation.


What is the minimum safe distance from a radiating area of an aircraft?


Fuselage Station Lines(FUS STA)

Vertical reference lines measured from the nose or a point in front of the nose of the aircraft.

Buttocks Lines(B. L.)

Vertical reference lines measure the width of an aircraft. The starting point is the centerline(middle) of the aircraft and go left and right

Water Lines

Horizontal reference lines measure height of the aircraft. Measures from the ground level or 100 inches below the fuselage.

Opposition to aircraft movement created by air friction.


Provides the aircraft to get the motion required so the wings can provide the necessary lift for flight.


Force that attracts bodies toward the center of the earth


Overcomes gravity and holds the aircraft up in the air during flight.


When the control stick is pushed to the left, the left aileron moves up and the right aileron moves down. This will cause the aircraft to ______ to the left around the ________ axis

Roll, Longitudinal

When the control stick is pulled back, the elevators go up, forcing the nose of the aircraft up. This movement is called _______ about the ______axis.

Pitch, Lateral axis

If the left rudder pedal is pushed, the aircraft will be moved to the left. This movement is called ______ about the _______ axis.

Yaw, Vertical axis

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