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Radical Allylic Bromination

NBS, CCl4, Hv

Sn2 Reactivity of Allylic halides

CH2=CHCH2X + Nu- + HoAc

Allylic Gringard Reagents

Mg, (CH3CH2)2O

Allyllithium Reagents


hydrogenation of Conjugated dienes

H2, Pd-C, CH3CH2OH

Diels- Alder Reaction

diene + dienophile + heat

Halogenation of benzene

X2, FeX3

NItration of benzene


sulfonation of benzene

SO3, H2SO4

desulfonation of benzene

H2SO4, H2O, heat

Friedel Crafts Alkylation


Friedel Crafts Acylation

RC=OCL 1. AlCl3 2. H2O, H3O+

Ortho para directing groups

Activating: NH2, OH, NCOR, OR, alkyl, aryl Deactivating: Halogen

Meta directing groups

Deactivating: N+(CH3)3, NO2, CF3, CN, SO3H, CHO, COR, COOH, COOR, CONH2

Converting Nitro (NO2, meta) to Amino (NH2, ortho para) Group


Converting Nitro(NH2, ortho para) to Nitro(NO2, meta)


Acyl (RC=O) to alkyl

H2, Pd, CH3CH2OH

Alkyl to Acyl (RC=O)

CrO3, H2SO4, H2O

protection of nitro groups (NH2 -> HNC=OCH3)

forward: CH3C=OCL, pyridine Backward: H30+, H2O or -OH, H2O

Oxidation of Alcohols to aldehydes


Oxidation of alcohols to ketones

CrO3, H2SO4

Hydration of alkenes to ketones

H2O, Hg2+, H2SO4

Addition of Organometallic compounds

RMgX + formaldehyde + THF -> primary alcohol
RMgX + Aldehyde + THF -> secondary alcohol
RMgX + Ketone + THF -> tertiary alcohol


ROH, H30+ or ROH, NaOH (added to ketones)


H30+, 2ROH (added to ketones)

Thioacetals formation

BF3 or ZNCl2, (CH3CH2)2O

Thioacetals Hydrolysis

H2O, HgCl2, CaCO3, CH3CN

Raney Nickel Desulfurization

Raney Ni, H2

Addition of amine derivatives (ketone to Imine)


Formation of Enamines

ketone + secondary amine -> enamine + H20

Wolff-Kishner Reduction

H2NNH2, H20, NaOH


ketone + HCN

wittig reaction

ketone + alkene + THF -> allylic + ketone etc.

Baeyer- Villiger Oxidation

Ketone + RC=OOOH + CH2Cl -> ester + RC=OOH

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