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tx of ortho muscle of low back AOIN

Quadratus lumborum action

unilaterally: laterally tilt the pelvis, laterally flex the vertebral column to the same side, assist to extend the vertebral column. Bilaterally: fix the last rib during inhalation and forced exhalation

Quadratus lumborum origin

posterior illiac crest

Quadratus lumborum insertion

last rib and transverse processes of first through fourth lumbar vertebrae

Quadratus lumborum nerve

branches of first lumbar and twelfth thoracic

Gluteus maximus action

all fibers: extend the hip, laterally rotate the hip, abduct the hip. Lower fibers: adduct the hip

Gluteus maximus origin

coccyx, edge of sacrum, posterior illiac crest, sacrotuberous and sacroilliac ligaments

Gluteus maximus insertion

gluteal tuberosity and iliotibial tract

Gluteus maximus nerve

inferior gluteal

Gluteus medius action

all fibers: abduct the hip. Anterior fibers: flex the hip, medially rotate the hip. Posterior fibers: extend the hip, laterally rotate the hip.

Gluteus medius origin

gluteal surface of the ilium between the iliac crest and the posterior and anterior gluteal lines

Gluteus medius insertion

greater trochanter

Gluteus medius nerve

superior gluteal

Gluteus minimus action

abduct the hip, medially rotate the hip, flex the hip

Gluteus minimus origin

gluteal surface of the ilium between the anterior and inferior gluteal lines

Gluteus minimus insertion

anterior border of greater trochanter

Gluteus minimus nerve

superior gluteal

Piriformis action

laterally rotate the hip, abduct the hip when the hip is flexed

Piriformis origin

anterior surface of sacrum

Piriformis insertion

greater trochanter

Piriformis nerve

branch of sacral plexus

Psoas major action

flex the hip, laterally rotate the hip, adduct the hip

Psoas major origin

bodies and transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae

Psoas major insertion

lesser trochanter

Psoas major nerve

lumbar plexus

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