20 terms

Vocab List #4 11th

accede (v)
to give one's consent
acrimonious (adj)
mean-spirited, bitter, or ill-natured
bereaved (adj, n)
in a state of mourning; deeply sorrowful because of the loss of a loved one
curative (adj)
curing; serving to provide a remedy
despotism (n)
authoritarian rule
emissary (n)
an agent acting in the interests of another party
fulminate (v)
to explode
hardtack (n)
a hard biscuit once common in the rations of sailors and soldiers
libation (n)
an alcoholic beverage offered or accepted in celebration
macabre (adj)
horrifying; reminiscent of death
oracle (n)
a means by which prophetic wisdom is imparted
papal (adj)
of or pertaining to the pope
promulgate (v)
to put forward publicly
salacious (adj)
lewd or off-color
surrealistic (adj)
torte (n)
a cake made with eggs and very little flour
treatise (n)
a scholarly essay or written argument
ulterior (adj)
secret (purpose or motive)
voluptuous (adj)
sensually enjoyable
wanton (adj)
completely unrestrained