Step by Step ch20

Intersex Surgery, Female Genital System and Maternity Care
Where the Anatomic Division in the Female genital system starts?
The Genital system subsection starts with the vulva and progresses upward to the ovary
How the vulvectomy codes are divided?
They are divided based on the size and extent of vulvar area removed during the procedure.
What Colposcopy describes?
It describes an incision of the vagina to gain access to the peritoneal cu-de-sac to explore or to drain an abscess colpocentesis.
How the Hysterectomy codes are divided in the CPT manual?
They are divided base on the approach and then on any secondary procedure (s) taht were done.
What codes are you going to use to charge amniocentesis?
It will use a code from Female Genital System subsection and a code from the Radilogy section.
What Anterpartum care includes?
Initial and usbsequent history, physical exams, recording of weight, blood pressures, fetal heart tones and routine UA.
What is the code for Vaginal delivery after previous cesarean delivery?
What means STD?
Sexually Transmitted Disease
What is the most common diagnosed STD in the US?
Human papaillomavirus virus (HPV)
Why Chamydia is sometimes called the silent STD?
Because it often has no symtoms and it is more common than gonorrhea and leading cause of PID.
What complications can be cause if Gonorrhea has neglecting treatment?
Pelvic inflammatory disease, blood poisoning (septicemia), and septic arthritis.
How Genital Herpes can reduce the frequency and duration of outbreaks?
Prescription drugs are routinely used to reduce the frequency and duration of outbreaks.
What is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV)?
Genital warts and many different types of cancer.
How Syphilis can be cured?
Syphilis can be cured with a course of antibiotic therapy using penicillin G.
What means Benign Prostatic Hyperplastic (BPH)?
Weak stream of urine with inability to empty the bladder.
What are the diagnosis of Prostate Cancer?
Rectal exam, blood test to determine level of prostate specific antigen (PSA) and biopsy to confirm the diagnosis (indicated if PSA level is 10ng/ml).
What is the first sign of Testicular Cancer?
Is a painful lump discovered in the testicle.
What is Endometriosis?
It is the pathologic outcomes of endometriosis functioning endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity.
How pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) can be detected?
A Gram's stain and sensitivity studies.
What study can be perfomed to look for abscess of pelvic inflammatory Disease (PID)?
What study can be perfomed to identify a mass or presence of fluid of pelvic inflammatory Disease (PID)?
What can be prevent an early diagnosis and promt treatment of inflammatory disease?
Ealy diagnosis and promt treatment of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) can prevent complications including, pelvic adhesions, increased risk of ectopic pregnancy and peritonitis and septicemis.
What Staphylococcal can cause and where is it found?
It cause Toxic Shock Syndrome and it can be found in superabsorbent tampon fibers.
What Ovarian Cancer leads?
It leads the cause of deaths attributed to the female reproductive system.
What is the Primarily disease of postmenopausal women?
Endometrial Cancer.
Why Endometrial Cancer is develpe?
It is often due to high cumulative exposure to estrogen.
How Endometrial Cancer can be detected?
On a routine Pap smear.
What are the symptoms and signs of toxemia in pregnancy, preeclampsia and eclampsia are?
Hypertension, edema, protein in the urine, and convulsions.
Placenta Previa is:
condition in which the placenta that is implanted in the loser uterine segment encroaches on te internl cervical opening causing vaginal bleeding?
What place women at a higher risk of Breast Cancer?
Family history, beign over age 50,and history of expoosure to radiation or carcinogens. Never having been pregnant or a first pregnancy after age 35 and an early menarche or menopause occurring after age 50.