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European Revolutions & Marx & Engles write Communist Manifesto
1848- Communism emerges
Commodore Perry opens Japan to Westernized ideas (Meiji Restoration)
Sepoy Mutiny- Between British and Indian over cotton textiles
End of Russian Serfdom and Italian unification
1861- Italian (Mazzinni, Cavour, Garibaldi)
Emancipation Proclamation in US
German Unification
Berlin Conference with division of Africa
1885- beginning of official imperialism.
Spanish-American War- US acquires Philippines, Cuba, Guam and Puerto Rico
Boer War- British in control of South Africa
1899- Boers(Dutch African farmers) defeated by British
Russo/Sino-Japanese War
Mexican Revolution
Chinese Revolution
1911- Against Sin Yixian because of his lack to control and unify; Jiang Jieshi comes to power for the Nationalist party of china, Mao Zedong comes to power for the communist party
World War I
Germany felt shorted in the Berlin Conference
Russian/Bolshevik Revolution- Lenin
Treaty of Versailles
1919- End of WWI and again, Germany is left out and blamed for WWI
Stock Market Crash in US and around world
Japanese invasion of Manchuria
Italian invasion of Ethiopia
Pearl Harbor, entry of US into WWII
1941- Japan attacked Pearl Harbor- Day of Infamy
German blitzkrieg in Poland
1939- Beginning of WWII, Germany is the aggressor again.
End of WWII
1945- US bombings in the Pacific theater on Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki)
Independence and partition of India
1947- Gandhi leads independence movements to gain rights and Indian independence.
Birth of Israel
1948- Allies feel Jewish people need their own state due to atrocities from WWII.
Chinese Communist Revolution
1949- Little Red Book. Indoctrinating the Youth
Stalin Industrializes Russia
1929-1934-1939- along with the Great Purge
Korean War/ The forgotten War
Vietnamese defeat French at Dien Bien Phu
De-Stalinization/Nationalism of Suez Canal
1956- Soviet Union attempts to turn citizens against traditional Stalin ideas, back to Lenins ideas, which caused uprisings.
Cuban Revolution
1959- Fidel Castro- Communist
Cuban Missile Crisis
1962- US very nervous about Cuban missiles launching to destroy US
6-Day War/Chinese Cultural revolution
1967- Under Mao Zedong, his last attempt to gain the people back fails.
Yom Kippur War- Iranians against Israeli's
1973- Surprise attack on Israel leaving them in distress.
Iranian Revolution & Massacre & hostage crisis
1st Palestinian Intifada
1987 Indoctrination of the youth as military
Tiannamen Square Massacre/ Fall of Berlin Wall
Fall of USSR/1st Persian Gulf War over oil
Genocide in Rwanda/ 1st all race election in South Africa
9/11 attacks
Industrial Revolution
1750's- James Watt- spinning jenny, rail roads etc.
7 years war/ French and Indian war
French Revolution/Bastille day
1789- July 14th
Haitian independence
1804- Toussaint Le'Overture
Congress of Vienna/Tennis court oath
Independence in Latin America
Opium war in China
1839- against British to stop selling of Opium