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Chapter 9 Flashcards

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Dorothea Dix
Made reform for the mental ill
2nd great awakening
Christian revival movement
horace mann
Man who made school conditions better
Religious group who shook while worshiping
joseph smith
religious man who founded the Mormon Church in 1830
brigham young
religious leader of the Mormon Church after the death of Joseph Smith
The belief that people could transcend, or rise above, material things in life
lyman beecher
speaker that thought that alcohol was reasoning behind all evil
catherine beecher
believed women should use their moral power to influence change; women should become teachers
prison (for persons convicted of serious crimes)
american colonization society
a movement of african american freed slaves to africa
david walker
northern blacks who advocated that slaves should take action themselves by rising up in revolt against their masters
the liberator
antislavery newspaper founded by William Garrison
fredrick douglas
former slave and abolitionist, fought for women and blacks rights, runaway slave
married women's property act
gave women the right to own property and gain earnings