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  1. extant
  2. assiduous
  3. palatable
  4. inkling
  5. consecrate
  1. a (adj.) agreeable to the taste or one's sensibilities; suitable for consumption.
  2. b (adj.) persistent, attentive, diligent.
  3. c to make sacred, hallow; to set apart for a special purpose
  4. d still existing; not exterminated, destroyed, or lost
  5. e (n.) a hint; a vague notion.

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  1. an expression of sympathy
  2. (adj.) very enthusiastic, impassioned.
  3. eating every kind of food ; eagerly taking in everything, having a wide variety of taste
  4. (v.) to set apart or designate for a special purpose; to distribute.
  5. (adj.) deeply affecting, touching; keen or sharp in taste or smell.

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  1. brash(adj.) prone to act in a hasty manner; impudent.


  2. capricious(adj.) subject to whims or passing fancies.


  3. commendto praise, express approval; to present as worthy of attention; to commit to the care of


  4. sophomoric(adj.) immature and overconfident; conceited.


  5. copiousroomy, spacious