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Sigmund Freud's theory of the unconscious mind
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which of the following psychologists might have described himself as a humanistAbraham MaslowSymbolic dream analysis might be an important research technique to a psychologist from which of the following perspectives?psychoanalyticbehaviorist explain human thought and behavior as a result ofpast conditioningA therapist who says that she uses whatever psychological perspective "works best" for each patient might be best described aseclecticpsychologist generally prefer the experimental method to other research methods becauseexperiments can show cause-effect relationshipsTheoretically, random assignment should eliminatemany confounding variablesCharlotte and Tamar are lab partners assigned to research who is friendlier, girls or boys. After conversing with their first 10 participants, they find that their friendliness ratings often differ. With which of the following should they be most concerned?reliabilitywhich of the following hypotheses would be the most difficult to test experimentally?Divorce makes children more independentProfessor Ma wants to design a project studying emotional response to date rape. He advertises for participants in the school newspaper, informs them about the nature of the study, gets their consent, conducts an interview, and debriefs them about the results when the experiment is over. If you were on the IRB, which ethical consideration would you most likely have the most concern about in Professor Ma's study?ConfidentialitySome psychologists consider Stanley Milgram's obedience studies to be unethical because of which ethical consideration?risk of long-term harmOne of the principal differences between the ethical guidelines for human and animal research is:Animals can be placed at much greater physical risk than human participants canLily scored 145 on an IQ test with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. What is her z score?+3what is the median of the following distribution: 6,2,9,4,7,35Emma scores a perfect 100 on a test that everyone else fails. If we were to graph this distribution, it would bepositively skewedwhich of the following is an example of random samplingHaving a computer generate a random list of 100 high school studentsVincenzo conducts an experiment to see whether fear makes mice run through mazes faster. He first selected a sample of 60 mice and then divided them into a control group and an experimental group. Which cannot be a confounding variable?The population from which he selected his subjectsOlivia, a nursery school student, hypothesizes that boys have fights with the finger paints more than girls do. She tests her hypothesis by casually watching the finger-painting table for three days of nursery school. What method is she using?naturalistic observationTalia collects survey data that indicate that students who spend more time preparing for the AP test tend to score better than other students. Jen can now conclude thata relationship exists between studying and exam grades