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Mrs. Mahan, NHS, 2010-2011


How well the results of an experiment agree with the accepted value


This is a process of interpreting experimental results.

Bar Graph

This is a graphical means of quantitative comparison by rectangles with lengths proportional to the measure of the data or things compared


This is a container used for mixing or heating of chemical solution


This is an answer deduced from the analysis of data

Data Set

This is a compilation of information, usually quantitative, that represents measures of a variable or set of variables.

Dependent Variable

In an experiment, the condition that results from changes in the independent variable.

Equipment Error

This is an error due to some type of equipment malfunction. Often the calibration of the instrument has not been carried out or is faulty.


This is data from an experiment, which is used to verify or reject the original hypothesis in the conclusion.


Scientific procedure followed to obtain results for analysis. This is also a means to test a hypothesis.

Experimental Variable

This is the condition which is changed within experiment


This is a container used for storage of chemical solutions.

Graduated Cylinder

This is a container used for measurement of the volume of a liquid.


This is the image obtained by plotting all the points of an equation or inequality. A visual representation of scientific data.


This is a testable prediction of the outcome of scientific processes based on analysis

Independent Variable

This is the manipulated variable in an experiment or study whose presence or degree determines the change in the dependent variable. When graphed this is graphed usually on the horizontal axis.


This is the act of trying to find the answer to an unknown question by the use of experimentation and research.


This is the process of researching or studying a concept. Examination, inquiry

Lab Apron

This is what is worn during scientific investigations to protect the clothes and body.

Lab Safety

This is the act of being responsible while working on a scientific investigation; following directions, wearing apron and goggles, knowing the location of emergency equipment, etc.


This is used to identify range, data series, and variables within a graph

Line Graph

A graph that is represented by points connected by segments

Material Safety Data Sheet

This is an official lab safety form that tells the important properties of chemical substances, such as reactivity, health risk, and flammability


This is the bottom of the curve of a fluid formed due to adhesion


Equipment used to magnify and observe small objects


This is a process of watching an experiment and noting what occurs

Pie Chart

This is the preferred method of representing percentage data


This is the ability of a measurement to be reproduced consistantly


This is the process of steps taken in completing a task, such as a lab investigation.

Qualitative Data

This is information from an experiment, such as observations or behaviors, that cannot be recorded with a numerical value

Quantitative Data

This is information from an experiment that can be assigned a number or a quantity and can often be used to construct a graph.


This is what people do when they are searching for information. People often look in more than one location.

Research Question

This is the start of scientific research. It usually starts with: How, What, When, Who, Which, Why, or Where


This is a straight measuring device, marked at intervals, used to measure distances

Safety Goggles

These are what is worn in the lab to protect the eyes

Scientific Law

A phenomenon of nature that has been proven to invariably occur whenever certain conditions exist.

Scientific Method

A process used to gather evidence and lead to understanding

Test Tube

This is a small container used for observation of chemical reactions.


This is a scientific conclusion based on much supporting evidence


Equipment used to measure the temperature of an object


This is a poisonous substance that is produced by living cells or organisms and is capable of causing disease when introduced into living tissues.


This is the degree at which a test measures what it is intended to measure.

X Axis

In a line graph comparing two variables, the independent variable is plotted along this axis

Y Axis

In a line graph comparing two variables, the dependent variable is plotted along this axis


Personal and unscientific judgment that may alter the results of an experiment


an experiment, the standard in which all of the conditions are kept the same


Information obtained from experiments, sometimes called experimental results

Safety Symbol

Symbol that warns you about a danger that may exist from chemicals, electricity, heat, or experimental procedures


Part of a population that is studied to inform about the inform

Scientific Experiment

Procedure that tests a hypothesis by collecting information under controlled conditions


A condition of an experiment that is either changed or held constant

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