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  1. 50 mg
  2. thiamine
  3. 3 grams
  4. 1300
  5. 1.5 grams
  1. a Niacin Doses of ___ __s LEADS TO FLUSHING, HEADACHES, and ITCHING. therapeutic levels are 1-3 grams
  2. b Deficiency is associated with Alcoholism, Anorexia, Crohns disease, folate deficiency, kidney dialysis, loop diuretics
  3. c what is the RDA of Calcium for 9-18 year olds?
  4. d Niacin dosages of more than ? ? may cause liver toxicity
  5. e Studies found no effect of _ ____s of vitamin C on the alleviation of cold symptoms, but found it just increased side effects

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  1. Used in the synthesis and metabolism of thyroid hormones. Content in diet depends on amount in the soil. US, JAPAN, CANADA, and NORWAY have good amounts. Dietary is SUPERIOR to supplements
  2. 12-20 ng/Ml of Vitamin D is considered ______
  3. Used when RDA cannot be determined (based on observational and experimental studies)
  4. Magnesium Oxide (MagOx) and Magnesium Sulfate
  5. 400 or 1000 IUs daily (more potent D3)

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  1. riboflavin (b2)Niacin


  2. Zinc Sulfate20% elemental Iron


  3. CyanocobalaminVitamin B12, Oral Supplementation is EQUIVALENT to IM (one monthly)


  4. FiberIncreasing Mg can increase gastric motility and diarrhea and increase ____er


  5. 1-3 gramsNiacin dosages of more than ? ? may cause liver toxicity


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