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  1. Pantothenic Acid (B5)
  2. Sensory Neuropathy
  3. Ferrous Sulfate
  4. Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)
  5. 40
  1. a 20% elemental Iron
  2. b Adverse effect of Vitamin B6 is ______ _______. A daily dose of more than 1000 mg or a cumulative dose of More than 1000g. MAY BE IRREVERSIBLE
  3. c Royal jelly contains large amounts of ? ? or vitamin (__)
  4. d what percentage of Calcium Carbonate is elemental calcium? Absorption is Acid-Dependent
  5. e Used for the prevention of neural tube defects, reduces the side effects of LOW DOSE MTX

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  1. Niacin Doses of ___ __s LEADS TO FLUSHING, HEADACHES, and ITCHING. therapeutic levels are 1-3 grams
  2. ________ Urinary excretion of Calcium, Caffeine is increased past 300 mg/DL. SODIUM 3000
  3. HIGHEST average daily dose likely to pose no adverse effects for the GENERAL population
  4. the RDA of ? is 600 IU a day for those 9-70 years old. Upper limit is 4000 IU daily.
  5. INtranasal gel may cause anosmia, appears to be dose related and may be permanent.

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  1. LuteinZeaxanthin, Carotenoid pigments, in the human macula and retina


  2. Vitamin EAvoid Vitamin ? if you are taking retinoid supplements and excessive ? ? can cause LIVER Damage


  3. FiberLycopene in the Heat Processsing of raw foods is in the ? form.


  4. 1000Women 51-70 year olds for Calcium


  5. 800 IUAnticoagulants/antiplatelets agents increased risk of bleeding with ____ IU/day