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The _____ approach studies basic mechanics of learning. Its concerned with how behavior changes in response to experience.


From the behavioirst approach, the _____ condiitoning is learning based on associating a stimulus that doesnt ordinarly elect a particular response with another stimulus that does not elict a response


Part of the behaviorist approach is the ______ conditioning, an example is a father takes a picture of his baby, the baby blinkd when flash goes off. Over time she learned to associate the camera with the bright light, so at the sight of the camera she blinks before flash goes off


From the behaviorist approach, _____ conditionaing if learning based on reinforcement or punishment.


From the behaviorist approach, ______ conditioning is for example when a baby learns that smiling brings loving attention. The baby learns to smile at the sight of her parents in order to produce a particular effect (parents attention)


The ______ approach is the study of cognitive development that seeks to measure the quality of intelligence a person possesses. Measures quentitative factors that make up intelligenct.

iq test

From the psychometric approach, the ___ consists of questions that are supposed to show how much of the measured abilities a person has by comparing that persons performance with other test takers


From the psychometric approach, the ____ scales of infant and toddler development test is designed to asses the developmental status of children from 1 month to 3 1/2 years in cognitive, language, motor, social emotional, and adaptive behavior


_____ is an instrument to measure the influence of the home environment on childrens cognitive growth. (In the psychometric approach)

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