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electrical activity of the heart

The EKG records the:


The normal running speed of the EKG paper


A normal standardization mark should measure:

That extends below the baseline in the QRS complex following the R wave

The S wave is the first negative deflection


There are____ electrodes attached to the patient for Holter Monitoring


Left side, 5th intercostal space midclavicular line


Midpoint between V2 and V4


right side of sternum, 4th intercostal space


left side, 5th intercostal space, midaxillary

0.12-0.20 secs

A normal PR interval should measure

40-60 per min.

The rate of the AV junction is

right leg

which limb sensor is the reference or ground electrode

PR interval of 0.24 seconds

not a normal sinus rhythm

Tension or pulling on electrode lead wire

The following leads to a Wandering Baseline on an EKG


The Q wave is always

Superior and Inferior Cava

Deoxygenated blood enter the right atrium via the

structural heart disease

A murmur is an abnormal sound that may

cardiac output

The term used to describe the amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute is called

90/60 or below

An example of Hypotension is


Which vessel has both oxygenated and deoxygenated blood?

SA Node

The primary pacemaker of the heart


The protective sack that covers

mitral valve

The bicuspid valve is also known as


The ability of the cardiac pacemaker cells to spontaneously generate their own electrical impulses without external stimulation is known as


A pounding or racing of the heart, such as the patient is aware of his/her own heartbeat is called


electrodes are also known as


physicans do stress tests for

0.04 secs

small squares horizonal on EKG are equal to


Vertical axis on EKG paper measures what


stylist mark the paper by what


normal sensitive setting 1mv is which measurement


Normal standardization mark measures

Standardization button

ensure check of the internal caliperation of the EKG


Electrodes on a holter monitor


Correct lead center of the heart to the positive pole of the left leg.

lead 2

correct lead to right arm to left leg

lead 1

correct lead right arm to left arm


center of heart to positive pole of the right arm

lead 3

left arm to left leg.

upper extremities

proper placement for holter monitor


ventricular repolorization results in

PR intervals shorten

Takes place during respirations

.12-20 secs

Normal PR interval is


Normal sinus rhythm has all except

sinus dysrhythmia

Irregular rythum can be caused by


what sinus rythem has a rate of 100 bmp or more

Right leg

which limb sensor is a ground sensor

Patient name and ID

EKG Strip must include

count small boxes and divide into 1500 (between RR intervals)

One method to calculate heart rate

Patient falls asleep

Will not interfere with an EKG

Tension or pulling on a lead wire

will cause a wondering baseline

60 bpm

between R-R intervals on EKG 5 large squares =

first negative wave after the r

The S wave is chacaterised as?


the Q wave if present is always

The beginning of the p wave to the beginning of the ST segment

The PR interval is measured from?

sometimes there is no P wave

Which statement is true about P waves?

P wave

1st electrical impulse of a normal cardiac cycle


Several waveforms are called?


Movement away from the baseline

<.12 seconds

QRS complex is


a waveform in a segment are called


line between waveforms are called

Atrial depolorization

What does the P wave represent?

delay at the AV Node

What does PR segment mean?

ventricular depolorization

QRS complex represents?

a pause between ventricular depoarization and repolorization

ST segment is?

ventricular repolorization

The T wave is?

U wave

What small wave after T wave


Who assigned letters to PQRS?

Source, means of transmission, host

Correct order of Chain of Infection

Go get a female tech.

A female complains that she wants a female to do her EKG, what do you do?

exercise electocardiogram

What test requires a informed consent form to be signed?


Tissue swelling

conidentiallity and privacy



another name for BP cuff?

Vena Cava

Before blood enters Right atrium.

structural heart disease

A murmur indicates what?

Cardiac Output

Term used for pumping blood by the heart

left atrium and left ventrical

Narrowing of the valves

Pulmonary Artery

Blood flows from the heart to the lungs


Which vessels have deoxygenated and oxygenated blood

coronary atery

which artery supplies blood to the heart muscle


which layer of the heart is responsible for contraction and relaxation

SA Node

Primary pacemaker of the heart

Heart Attack

another name for myocardial infarction


Circulation desending aorta carrying oxigenated blood to the body.


electrical event that is expected to result in contraction.



Sac around heart



Bicuspid valve

Left ventrical

Thickest myocardium chamber


exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen

Pulmonary semilunar valve

Blood leaves right ventrical.. where does it go?

downward and to the left

Apex of the heart points

10 electrodes

12 lead EKG

patient heart rate is normal

one reason not to stop stress test

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