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HPV is connected with ____.

cervical cancer

urine passes through the ____.


____ is defined as the absence of menstruation.


menstrual cramps are thought to be causd by ____.


hot flashes and flushes stem largely from waves of dilation of ____.

blood vessels

the endometrium develops during the ___ phase ofthe menstrual cycle.


a surge of ___ triggers ovulation.


te ___ is the only organ with the only known purpose of experiencing sexual pleasure.


for women who obtain HRT, combining estrogen with ___ lessens the risk of endometrial cancer.


the clitoral shaft stiffens when the ___ fills with blood.

corpora cavernosa

mittelschmerz occurs during the ____ phase of the mestrual cycle.


breast cancer strikes about ___ people in the united states each year.


skeptics concerning the G spot are most likely t argue that ___.

the G spot is not a discrete sex organ

when the hypothalamus senses a low level of estrogen in the blood, it increases secretion of Gn-RH, which in turn ____.

triggers the pituitary gland to release FSH

cystitis is an inflammation of the ____.


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