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protons, neutrons, and electrons

An atom is composed of subatomic particles called


These are shared or exchanged when molecules form


elements have the same number of protons as

periodic tables are organized by

protons or atomic number

what is atomic mass?

the number of protons

how many elements are known?


what do electrons attract?


each elements have the same


what has the largest mass in a atom?


Atomic mass isnt a whole number due to differences in neutrons or


you can change an atom to a different one by

adding or subtracting protons

if you add one proton and one neutron to chlorine, you have


if you subtract two protons and two neutrons from oxygen, you have


list the layers of shells in atoms


This was formed by using the outer electron shell of the atom

lewis dot diagram

atoms from your body come from other things says


the hydrogen atom has _ electron,_proton, and _ neutrons


what are two examples of noble elements?

neon and helium

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