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what is fiction

books that are made up, or are not true, are fiction

how are fiction books placed on the shelf

fiction books are put on the shelf in alphabetical order by the author's last name

what is a call number

a call number is a group of number and/ or letters put together to tell you where in the library to find the book

what does a fiction call number look like

there are many ways to write a fiction call number

what is a nonfiction

nonfiction is the opposite of fiction books that are nonfiction or true are about real things people events and places




not fake

how are nonfiction books placed on shelf

nonfiction books are placed on the shelf by their subject's category... example if you wanted a book about cars, you would want them in the same area.

what does nonfiction call number look like

call number we use for nonfiction call number is called the Dewey Decimal Number.

Dewey Decimal Number

always has 3 numbers to the left of the decimal. even if there are 3 zeros 000's we call this zero hundreds and would be written as 001.9

zeros are pronounced as in the library

oh and decimal as point, there is no limit on the numbers you add to the right of the decimal; the more numbers the more specific the subject is.

Dewey Decimal system

organizes information into 10 broad areas, which are broken into smaller topics. Way to give every library book a number to easily find the books.

call numbers

different topics are assigned numbers call these.

who created dewey decimal system

Melvil Dewey

How many subjects/groups in system

10 groups. Each subject had a set of 3 numbers all with 100 numbers in it. 100 group had numbers 100-199, 200 group 200-299 and so on.

nonfiction placement on shelf

they are grouped in category and put on shelf in numerical number.

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