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Babylon, Babylonis f


Pyramus, PyramI m

virgO, virginis f



ThisbE, ThisbEs f

to quarrel

rixor, rixArI, rixAtus sum

uterque, utraque, utrumque

each (if two), both


rIma, rImae f

osculum, osculI n


consilium, consiliI n


consilium capere

to adopt a plan

inscius, inscia, inscium

not knowing

vultus, vultUs m


veil, shawl

velamen, velaminis n

his mouth spattered with blood

ore sanguine... aspersO


spelunca, speluncae f

sentiO, sentIre, sEnsI, sEnsus

to feel, notice

exprimO, exprimere, expressI, expressus

to press out, express

to say goodbye

valedicO, valedIcere, valedIxI, valedictUrus

to sprinkle, splash, spatter

aspergO, aspergere, aspersI, aspersus

progredior, progredI, progressus sum

to go forward, advance



prior, prior, prius

first (of two), previous


about to die, intending to die, determined to die

occidO, occidere, occidI, occisus

to kill

perdO, perdere, perdidI, perditus

to destroy

polliceor, pollicErI, pollicitus sum

to promise

orior, orIrI, ortus sum

to rise

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