History Ch 25. Middle Eastern Test

What is a city state?
It is a town that had it's own religion, water supply, army, and wall of protection. They where all rivals with each other.
How did the Sumerian influence time as we know it.?
They started the system where it is based of of the number 60. Such as the 60 second minute, the 60 second minute, and the 360 degree circle
What is a ziggurat?
It was the main building in each City State.
Explain what the "Epic of Gilgamesh"
It is a story about a man who wants never ending life but he can not get it. It teaches him to value family, and to life every day as if it where your last.
In what civilization is Hammurabi king?
He is king in tonians in 13 AD
Why was Hammurabi's law code special?
Because in this code his punishment fits the crime. Such as if you stab some one you will be stabbed as punishment.
Why did he come up with this law?
To replace the many law codes, and to provide justice.
Why are the Phoenicians know as the "Carriers of Civilization?
They spread the culture of "Middle East Culture" to wide areas from North Africa to Spain
How adopted their alphabet?
USA, Greece, and Rome use it today. It was first used by Hebrews, Persians, and the Arabs.
Who was Darius the First?
The emperor of Persia. He also divided the vast Persian empire in to 20 provinces. The provinces where allowed to have their languages, customs, and religions. Darius established one shared coin.
How did they improve trade?
They made better roads, and uniformed coin system.
Where is the Hebrew "Promised Land"
Modern day Israel.
Who are the leader of Judaism?
Salem known for his wisdom, he turned Jerusalem in to a capital and King David skilled General who unified Israel.
What is "Diaspora?"
The scattering of Jews throughout the world. They spread because there was a war between the Romans and the Jews.
What is the Jewish Bible?
The Torah.
What is their world view?
That people should have moral lives.
Who is the founder of Christianity?
What is a parable?
A short story with a moral lesson.
What is the Christan scripture?
The Bible.
Why where Cristian killed?
Because they refused to respect the Roman Gods.
Who is the founder of Islam?
What are the two main city of Islam?
What are the five pillars of Islam?
1. Prayer 2. Declaration of faith 3. Alms giving 4. Fasting 5. Pilgramish.
Where was Sumar?
In the Tigras/Euphrates.
How did Islam spread?
The Arab army where unified in their belifs of living in paradise. The lore of riches. It divided because when Mohamed died they split in to Sunni and Shiite.
Who was Alli?
Mohamed's cousin.
What did Sunni's believe?
That that any Muslim can become a caliph.