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take-up lever
guides the thread; controlled by handwheel; must be up before and after sewing
needle clamp screw
loosens/tightens needle
the hand wheel must always be turned this way
stitches thread through the fabric
presser foot lever
lifts/lowers presser foot
stitch length slide
controls length of stitch
spool pin
holds thread spool upright
stitch width slide
controls width of stitch
bobbin winder spindle
transfers spool thread to bobbin
feed dogs
moves fabric through machine
bobbin case
holds bobbin in place
round-holds second thread
reverse stitch lever
used to knot the thread
presser foot
foot like-holds fabric in place
needle plate
flat surface with lines to guide you
thread tension dial
controls pull of thread
hand wheel
manually moves takeup lever; always move toward you
power switch
on/off;located on right of machine