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  1. Deng Xiaoping
  2. The Little Red Book
  3. 1950 - 1953
  4. Zhou Enlai
  5. Joseph Stalin
  1. a The Korean War. It was started when the Communist North Koreans invaded South Korea, and American ally. China came into the war when they felt threatened by General Douglas Macarthur's troops coming close to China's border. Technically a draw, Mao Zedong and the Communist proclaim it as a great victory.
  2. b Published by the government of China from April 1964 until approximately 1976
  3. c Leader of the Communist Party, modernized China. He was the most powerful ruler of China
  4. d Premier of the People's Republic of China 1949 to 1976. He was much loved by the Chinese people.
  5. e Rules the Soviet Union (Russia) from early 1920s until his death in 1953

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  1. Deng's successor
    • Dalai Lama- Buddhist leader of religious officials
  2. Villages set up by Mao to modernize china through a whole community
  3. - A form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position
  4. Wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1849
  5. key figure behind the start of the Cultural Revolution. Heir apparent to Mao. Died escaping China after it was found out that he was plotting to have Mao assassinated.

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  1. Mao ZedongCommunist leader who started the Great proletariat Cultural revolution


  2. 1945 - 1949Japan invades China and takes most of the major cities on the coast. Japan commits atrocities such as the murder of innocent women, children and elderly people. Chiang Kai Shek's government loses much prestige and the communist are given a chance to grow again and become heroes fighting against the Japanese. The relations between China and Japan are tense to this very day.


  3. Sun YatsenFirst leader of China


  4. Nationalist PartyStrict under Mao, no freedom of speech


  5. Kim Il-sungleader of North Korea until his death in 1972. Started the Korean War in 1958. He modeled his rule using Joseph Stalin as a role model. His son, Kim Jong Il, now rules.