Social Studies Chapter 3 "Colonies Take Roots" Sections 3.3, 3.4

Which states made up the Middle Colonies?
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How was Pennsylvania a breadbasket?It produced large amounts of wheat, from which flour for bread is made. It was sold to customers in New England and abroad.A frontier region extending through several colonies, from Pennsylvania to Georgiabackcountryin 1700s, many settlers (Scottish-Irish, Germans) were pushing south and west along a route that led from Pennsylvania to Georgia. They traveled in covered wagons so this route became known as _________the Great Wagon Road_____________ was renamed New York in 1664New NetherlandWhat is a cooper?a person who made barrelsBefore Delaware became a separate colony it was part of ___________PennsylvaniaWhat did William Penn consider his colony to be?a "holy experiment"The Great Wagon Road ran from _______________ to ___________Pennsylvania GeorgiaWhich states made up the Southern Colonies?Virginia Maryland The Carolinas GeorgiaCharles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon were hired to settle a boundary dispute between Maryland and Pennsylvania. They conducted a survey and the boundary they drew is known as ____________the Mason-Dixon lineThe Mason-Dixon line divided the _________ where slavery was abolished and the _________ where slavery persisted.northern states southern statesWhat 5 states were located south of the Mason-Dixon line and shared an area called the Tide-water?Maryland Virginia North Carolina GeorgiaWhat conditions of states below the Mason-Dixon line favored the development a plantation economy?The warm climate provided a long growing season that farmers used to raise tobacco and rice. Both of these crops required many workers in the field.What was the main cause of Bacon's Rebellion?The desire for western land: Virginia's white population grew and farmers took over more land to plant tobacco which lead to confrontations with Native Americans and poorer colonists. These poorer colonists needed their own land so they moved inland and fighting broke out. Bacon organized westerners to attack and kill Native Americans ...revolt known as Bacon's RebellionKing Charles granted a charter for a new colony, __________, in 1632 to George Calvert. He aimed to set up a colony where Catholics could live safely. The first settlers were Catholics and ProtestantsMarylandWho became proprietor of Maryland after George Calvert died?his son, Cecil Calvert, Lord BaltimoreFearing Catholics might lose their rights, Lord Baltimore passed the ________________in 1649.Act of TolerationWho benefited from Maryland's toleration?Adult, male Christians (gave them the right to vote and hold office)A few settlers from Virginia moved south and a new colony was established called _______. North - raised and exported tobacco, lumber South - grew sugar, riceCarolinaLast colony founded?GeorgiaWhy did James Oglethorpe and the other founders establish the colony of Georgia?To protect the English from the Spanish and to give English debtors a place to live.people who owe moneydebtorsa large farmplantationthe Southern colonies developed 2 distinct ways of life. The most important feature of life along the COAST was the _____________ where crops such as cotton, sugar and rice are grown. In the BACK COUNTRY, the poor lived in one-room shacksplantationHow did people live in the backcountry?On small, isolated farmland that they usually did not own.Why did Virginia's governor hesitate to start an all-out war against the Native Americans?He benefited from his fur trade with themWhat helped spur the early development of slavery in the South?The crops grown in the South required many field workersHow did people in the backcountry feel about colonial government?They felt the government did not care about themWhich English colony was the last one founded?Georgia