HLTH 3400 Quiz 2 Part 2

- lack of universal coverage
- high cost
- no transparency
- limited choice
- rationing of care
- poor quality
- eligibility
- no trust
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- cost - coverage - eligible - qualitywhat are the problems associated with no annual or life time limit?- not denied access - everyone is covered for all expenses - less out-of-pocket costs for patientswhat are the pros of no annual or life time limit?- overuse/abuse of services - **moral hazard - quality - higher costs; higher premiums the next yearwhat are the cons of no annual or life time limit?- cost - choice - no universal coverage - qualitywhat are the problems associated with individual mandates?- subsidies - healthier population - encourages people to get insurance - prevents financial loss/risk of loss - insurance mandates are stable and functionalwhat are the pros of individual mandates?- tax penalty = have to pay taxes if they dont want to have health insurance - increase debt - penalty is not great enough for people to get health insurance - health insurance is still expensive - differs state to state decisions: can only look within markets within stateswhat are the cons for individual mandates?- eligibility - costwhat are the problems associated with employer mandates?- add competitive advantage - reliable payments - covers more people - another source of coverage - choice of policy/choose insuranceswhat are the pros of employer mandates?- rationing of choice because of providers in network - small businesses cant afford it - reduces start ups - type of coverage - costs - lose revenuewhat are the cons of employer mandates?insurance CEOwho makes the most in healthcare?- submit data on the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) - issues rebates to enrollees if the percentage does not meet minimum standards - spend at least 80% to 85% of premium dollars on medical carewhat does the ACA require insurance companies to do?