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Four Faces of Jesus

Mark's Jesus
Harried, Hurried, Human
Mark's Authorship
Not one of 12 Apostles, Was a common name, mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles, Companion of Peter, Peter's Jesus
John Mark
Who was Mark's Author commonly named?
Gentile Christians new in their fatih
Mark's Audience?
70 C.E.
When was Mark written?
Where was Mark written?
Mark's Portrait of Jesus
Earthy, easy to relate to , comfortable to be around, constantly hemmed in crowds (42 times), strong emotions, human not only divine, a man on the go
Mark's Theme
Heavy sense of suffering, community undergoing difficulty and persecution, Jesus has much to show us,Nero blamed the Christians for Rome burning, Jewish revolt in Jerusalem, No birth story
How many chapters in Mark?
What Gospel is the shortest and first written?
Luke's Jesus
Compassionate Savior, Forgiving Jesus
Luke's Author
Not one of the 12 Apostles, Probably the only Gentile, 1st of 2 parts (Acts is considered to be the companion), thought to be a well educated physician.
Luke's Audience
Gentiles -- already Christians
Orderly account - "that you may know the truth about the things in which you have been instructed"
85 C.E.
When was Mark written?
Greece or Antioch, Syria
Where was Mark written?
Luke's Jesus
Compassionate, Merciful, Friend and Advocate of the outcasts (poor, handicapped, sinners, women, Samaritans), Deeply loves all men and women
Luke's Theme
Gospel of Women, Gospel of the Holy Spirit, Gospel of the Universal Salvation, Gospel of Mercy and Forgiveness, Includes a birth story
How many chapters in Luke?
Matthew's Jesus
Messiah of the Jews, The teaching Jesus
Matthew's Author
Traditionally considered to be the apostle Matthew, Contains some of Mark and Luke, Therefore doubtful an eyewitness wrote
Matthew's Audience
Primarily Jewish, Many references to Old Testament, Attempts to show Jesus is promised Messiah
90 C.E.
When was Matthew written?
Antioch, Syria
Where was Matthew written?
Antioch, Syria
Where were followers first called Christians?
Matthew's Portrait
New Moses, Rabbi/teacher, Stresses Jesus' connection to Old Testament, Jesus' life fulfilled what God promised
What is the longest Gospel?
How many chapters in Matthew?
Matthew's themes
Jesus has much to "tell us", Assembles Jesus' teachings in 5 speeches or discourses, Gospel of the Church (used to teach - first catechism)
What gospel traces Jesus'family tree back to Abraham?
Which Gospel contains an infancy narrative/birth story, Joseph is important?
John's Jesus
Divine Son of God, Majestic Jesus
John's Author
Traditionally the apostle John, "the disciple whom Jesus loved" Now believed to be written by members of the "school" of the beloved disciple
John's Audience
Mixed - Jews and some Gentiles
95 C.E.
When was John written?
What was the last Gospel written?
Epheseus or Galilee
Where was John written?
John's Portrait
one enters a whole, new world, Jesus, divine son - totally in control- even at his death, Most theological/reflective of the four
John's Themes
Opening verse inspires awe, See Jesus as divine, coexistent with the Father, Acknowledges Jesus' humanity but stresses his divinity, No birth story
How many chapters in John's Gospel?
"to see together"
Matthew, Mark, Luke
Name the synoptic Gospels
The Gospel different from the other three
synoptic gospels
Have a certain commonality, clearly seen when side by side, the reader enters a whole new world