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John Roberts

Our Chief Justice stands with our President.

John Marshall

1755-1835. U.S. Chief Supreme Court Justice. Oversaw over 1000 decisions, including Marbury v Madison and McCulloch v. Maryland.

Antonin Scalia

Conservative. Intellectual anchor.

Justice Samuel Alito

GW Bush appointee that tips the SC scale for the conservatives

Stephen Breyer

Liberal, Harvard, Active Liberty (his book), appointed by Clinton

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Female appointed to the Court in 1993 by Bill Clinton

Anthony Kennedy

Swing vote-usually votes conservative

Clarence Thomas

2nd African American Supreme Court Justice; current member. Wife is lobbyist.

Elana Kagan

Appointed by Obama (2010)

Sonia Sotomayor

1st Latina Justice

Marbury v. Madison

Established Judicial Review


The Supreme Court originated with this many justices.

Judicial Branch

Supreme Court is primary overseer of this...


He was a justice of the peace who wanted his commission.


The year the number of justices increased to the current 9.

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