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What country in South America has the most land area?

Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico

What countries border Guatemala?

Albuquerque to Billings

Is the distance greater from Memphis to Chicago or Albuquerque to Billings?

Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, and Argentina

What are the four countries with the largest land area in the Western Hemisphere?


Which city is farthest north? Phoenix, Atlanta, or San Diego?


Is the continental Divide in the eastern or western part of the United States?

Amazon River

The equator runs very close to what river in South America?

Alaska and Hawaii

What two states are not part of the contiguous United States?


What is the state whose neighbors are Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, and Canada?

Arctic Ocean

What ocean lies to north of both Asia and North America?

Kenya, Uganda, Zaire, Congo, and Gabon

Which African countries does the equator pass through?


Which state has a longer border with Mexico, Texas or New Mexico?


Is most of Turkey located in Europe or Asia?


Baghdad is the capital of what Middle Eastern country?


A point of land extending into a body of water is called a (an)_____.

South Africa

What is the capital of the nation that is located at the southern tip of Africa?

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