Weather Unit

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Cold water currents from the poles swing down and sink toward the equator. These currents are replaced by warm water currents moving up from the equator to the poles. This is a form of _____________________.
Convection Currents
What comes from the sun that: Warms Earth unevenly, creates wind and water currents, and affects the climates?
Only a _________________ amount of the suns energy ever truly reaches the Earth.
very small
Nuclear reactions on the sun produce _____________ and _____________ on Earth.
heat and light
_______________ energy form the sun is converted into ______________ energy on Earth.
Light and heat
Of the "small amount" of energy that actually enters our atmosphere from the sun. What percentage of this "small amount" passes through the troposphere and warms the surface of Earth?
What area on Earth receives the most energy from the sun, making it the warmest part of the globe?
The equator
Because of the imbalance of heat from the sun __________ air rises to the poles and _________ air sinks to the equator.
warm and cool
The transfer of energy through liquids and gases of different temperatures is called _______________.
Patterns of movement within the atmosphere and oceans on the globe influence ________________ and _________________.
Weather and Climate
Cool prevailing winds across a large body of cold water will make the climate in that areas land mass ______________ and __________________.
Moist and Cool
The Coriolis Effect is caused by the _____________ of Earth.
Differences in air pressure, the convection of air, and differences in temperature all cause _______________.
Air pressure on Earth is caused by __________ air rising to the poles and ___________ air sinking to the equator.
Warm and Cold
Temp., Cloud Cover, Wind Speed, Humidity, Air Pressure, and Wind Direction are all ________________ of weather.
If a warm ocean current moves by a land mass the land mass will ______________________.
warm up
Why does it take less time to fly from LA to Detroit as opposed to Detroit to LA?
Jet Stream
The "current" condition of and areas atmosphere is the ____________________.
Cold snowy winters and cool rainy springs are examples of MI's __________________ during these two seasons.
What two factors do we look at when we look at an regions climate during a specific season?
Temperature and Precipitation
If you were looking for a place to vacation to as a family "next year", would you be more interested in the current weather of that area or the climate of that region during the season you plan to travel?
Earths atmosphere is 78% ____________ and 21% _________________.
Nitrogen and Oxygen
The number of gas molecules in the atmosphere ____________________ as you go higher in the atmosphere.
Temperature, Compostition of the air, and altitude from sea level help tell us the different ____________ of the atmosphere.
When a cold air mass moves quickly into and under a warm air mass.
Cold Front
When a fast moving cold air mass moves over another cold air mass and send the warm air even higher into the atmosphere.
Occluded Front
A large capital "H" on a weather map means it is a High Pressure area. The weather in this location will be _____________________.
Bright and Sunny (clear sky)
The point at which condensation changes from a gas back into a liquid.
Dew Point
The amount of moisture in the air.
Sun turns liquid water into water vapor ___________.
Water vapor rises and cools into a cloud __________.
Cloud reaches dew point and water falls from the cloud______________.
When plants release excess water into the air _______________.
Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Transpiration