11 terms

Anatomy 2

Loose Connective Tissue
Composed of mostly fibroblasts and bonds the skin to underlying organs
Adipose Tissue
found beneath the skin and around joints that function as protection, insulation, and food reserve.
Reticular connective tissue
composed of thin, branched fibers of collagen and forms the framework of the lymph nodes and liver
Dense connective tissue
very strong tissue that lacks a good blood supply and is located in tendons and ligaments
Elastic connective tissue
contains yellow fibers and occurs in the attachment of vertebra
Hyaline cartilage
highly resistant to wear that is found on the ends of articulating bones
elastic cartilage
provides strength and flexibility and located in the external ear and larynx
serves as a shock absorbing material between bones and is found in intervertebral disks
has a good blood supply and functions as a point of attachment for muscles, support, and protection
formed inside the bone and functions include transportation of substances in the body
Functions of connective tissues
Bind structures, provide support and protection, serve as frameworks, fill spaces, store fat, produce blood cells, help repair tissue damage