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Drugs Of Posterior Pituitary Gland

--->Used in obstetrics to chemically induce uterine contractions to induce/reinforce labor or to promote ejection of breast milk
-->Adminstered via IV to INDUCE LABOR
-->Administered via NASAL SPRAY for milk letdown in lactation
Vasopressin (ADH)
-->Has both antidiuretic and Vasopressor Effects
-->IN THE V1 RECEPTOR: Mediates the pressor effects in the liver and vascular smooth muscle via IP3/DAG messenger systme
-->IN THE V2 RECEPTOR: Mediates the antiduretic effects to incr. water permeability and resorption in the collecting tubules of the kidney
-->Used in Emergency Situations (Via V1 Pressor Response):
1)Advanced cardiac life support
2) Bleeding esophageal varices
-->The Synthetic Analog of Desmopressin; Minimal activity at the V1 Receptor (No pressor effects0
-->Preferred treatment for diabetes insipidus and nocturnal enuresis ("Bed Wetting")