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Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.
LEAD Provincial Conference
- conducted annually for each province usually in February or March
-usually run Friday to Sunday and include educational sessions, a banquet and a provincial council meeting

LEAD Schools
- scheduled nation-wide usually in October and November
- usually run Friday to Sunday and include numerous educational sessions

They both focus on providing direction, motivating leadership, providing educational material and encouraging involvement consistent with the purpose of the fraternity. Each meeting strives to enhance the personal growth and development of the individual student or alumnus while providing networking opportunities to improve and grow our individual collegiate and alumni chapters.
An ideal member is committed to living up to the Fraternity's purpose and standards by being willing to give to the Fraternity, our members and our community. This members values the Fraternity and is a leader by showing dedication to scholarship, professionalism and service. An ideal members shows kindness towards others is able to adapt to the wills of the majority and conducts oneself according to the highest standards of ethics. One understands that the more a person gives, the more that person will receive. An ideal member is not just involved, but is engaged by sharing information and ideas, cultivating relationships and being eager to grow personally and professionally.
Give the date and place of the founding of Delta Sigma Pi.November 7, 1907 at the School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance of New York University , New York, NYWrite the correct abbreviation for a member of Delta Sigma Pi.DeltasigWhat is Delta Sigma Pi's "Central Office" and how is the Central Office staff different from the national Board of Directors?Central Office - the national administrative headquarters of Delta Sigma Pi for both the Fraternity and Leadership Foundation Executive Director - oversees the Central Office and has a paid full-time staff of directors and administrative personnel - reports to the Board of Directors Board of Directors - a group of elected, unpaid volunteers who serve as the executive legislative and judicial body of the Fraternity during the interim sessions between Grand Chapter Congresses.In what city was the Central Office established? Where is it located today?Chicago; 330 South Campus Avenue, Oxford, Ohio 45056Write the Greek alphabet both in English and using the Greek letters.Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epislon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambola Mu Nu Xi Omicron Pi Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi OmegaWhat are the five categories of the General Risk Management Policy?1. Alcohol and Drugs 2. Statement on Hazing 3. Discrimination and Harassment 4. Chapter Houses and Meeting Facilities 5. Fraternity EventsName 6 Provisions from any of the categories, of the Risk Management, Insurance, and Conduct Policy.1. Treat all people and their property with care and respect 2. Do not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those actions by others 3. Treat others equally with impartiality and respect 4. Refrain from any activity that creates a nuisance or interference 5. At no time may alcohol be present at collegiate chapter business meetings or any Fraternity event is prohibited 6. The possession, sale, and/or use any any illegal drug or controlled substance at any Fraternity event is prohibitedName up to five Deltasigs who are members of your school's faculty and/or staff as provided to you by your VP- Pledge Education.1. Adkins 2. Marks 3. LaRoche 4. Barrett 5. BaconWho established the Central Office and served as its director for 31 years?H.G. "Gig" WrightExplain the Educational Leadership Consultant Program in your own words.The Educational Leadership Consultant Program is a visit to a chapter's campus by Central Office Staff. During these visits, business meetings, training sessions, and discussions are held regarding all areas of chapter operations including recruitment, risk management, events, alumni relations, and much more. Chapter operating documents are also reviewed and updated including CEI reports and bylaws. The purpose of this program is to leave the members with improved knowledge which will lead to a well-rounded chapter.Name atleast 6 services provided, and/or publications produced, by the Fraternity's Central Office Staff.1. Maintain mailing lists 2. Distributes the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key 3. Prepares all national reports to collegiate and alumni chapters 4. Conducts the Grand Chapter Congress 5. Maintains and distributes ritualistic regalia equipment 6. Represents the Fraternity nationallyWhat is the national fraternity's website address?www.dsp.orgWhat is the Greek Letter name of your chapter an on what date was it founded?Kappa Nu, April 12, 1981In your own words, define the ideal chapter.The ideal chapter is one in which each member lives and carries out the objectives of the Fraternity and works as a unit to provide value to its members and surrounding communities; Maintains open communication among members and with national leadership and Central Office staff; Sponsors successful programmingWrite the words of the chorus on the song "Rose of Deltasig".Rose of Deltasig, I love you, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi, when the shades of night are fulling I dream of days gone by; as I go through life's long journey, memories will never die, I will always hear you calling, Rose Delta Sigma Pi.To whom does the Individual Code of Conduct and General Risk Management Policy apply?To organizational members defined as collegiate, alumni and faculty members; pledges; colony; and employeesAs defined in the Risk Management, Insurance & Conduct Policy, what constitutes a "fraternity event"?Any event, activity or situation sponsored, co-sponsored or endorsed by the chapter or colony, or any event a reasonable person would associate with the FraternityWhat are the names of your province and region, and who are your Provincial Vice President and Regional Vice President?Southern Province, Mid-Atlantic Region. Provincial VP: Carrie Burns Regional VP: Aimee KingWho appoints a District Director? Name your District Director.The Regional VP appoints the District Director; Matthew MeyersWhat is the Chapter Management Program? What are the three levels a chapter can achieve? What level is every chapter expected to achieve?The CMP is the method of formal communication between collegiate chapters and the national fraternity. The three annual achievement levels (Accredited Chapter, Chapter of Recognition, Chapter of Excellence) represent basic operational requirements in recruitment, membership, finances, professional and service programs, and leadership development. They reflect the practice of essential business principles and operations expected of each chapter as part of the professional business Fraternity, as well as the professional and leadership development opportunities for each member. All chapters are expected to reach the first level.To whom is the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship key award?To the graduating senior (Deltasig or not) in commerce and business administration who ranks highest in his or her className several ways to support the Fraternity after graduation.-Participating in an alumni chapter or in the various national leadership and professional development events -Attending collegiate chapter events -Serving on the national level as a Board of Directors members, Regional VP, District Director, or national committee member -Establishing a new collegiate or alumni chapter in your area -Assisting a Regional VP or other national officer -Donating money or services to the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation and/or chaptersIn your own words, what is the mission of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation?The mission of the Leadership Foundation is to raise money, to provide scholarships and fellowships to members, and fund educational programs of the Fraternity.How many collegiate chapters have been established and how many collegiate chapters are active today? Approximately how many alumni chapters are active today?301 established collegiate chapters; 226 active collegiate chapters; 61 active alumni chaptersWhat are the names of the active collegiate chapters, alumni chapters, and colonies in your region?-Alpha Lambda- University of NC (Chapel Hill) -Zeta Upsilon- VA Polytechnic Institute -Kappa Nu- Longwood University -Nu Chi- University of Lynchburg Xi Sigma- Wingate University Omicron Pi- Radford University -Rho Omega- University of Richmond -Sigma Tau- Duke University -Phi Psi- Elon University -Chi Omega- ODU -Iota Omega- University of NC (Greensboro) -Alumni Chapter- Richmond VA