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Search and Replace

This allows you to look for a piece of text in a document and replace it with another piece of text.

Standard Paragraph

This is a block of text that has been entered and saved so that it can be used over and over again to save the user time.

Spell Checker

This is in a computer program and is used to check the spelling of words in a document. If the word is not in the spell checkers dictionary it will highlight the word as a mistake, it will also allow you to change it to recommended words or add it to the dictionary.

Scale Graphics

Scaling a graphic is to change the size by enlarging the image or reducing the image.

Rotate Graphic

Rotating a graphic is turning it through an angle.

Complex Formulae



Relative reference- Relative is when the cell reference changes according to the row or column that it is copied to.
Absolute reference - Absolute is when the cell reference does not change according to the row or column that it is copied to.
$ dollar signs are used to make a cell an absolute cell reference.

Cell formating-

The cell format of a cell is the appearance of a cell, e.g. The width of a cell, the height of a cell, the type of justification.

Cell Attributes

The cell attributes are the ways in which the data can be represented in the cell, e.g. the number of decimal places, the way a date is displayed, displaying numbers as currency.

Field Types

A text field contains characters, e.g. Surname, Address.
A numeric field contains numbers e.g. Exam marks, Age
A date field contains a date, e.g. Date of Birth, Subscription due date.

Complex search

Acomplex search is a search via tow or more fields, e.g. a search for records where the "winner" field
="Patrick Thistle" and the "Year" field < 1970

Security of Data

Often it is important that data held on a computer is kept secure. This means that it is kept private and confidential. this can be achieved with the use of passwords to control acces to data and physical security to control access to computers- they can be put in locked rooms and locks can be put on their keyboards.

Types of Multimedia

Graphics can be captured using a scanner or a digital camera
Videa can be captured using a camcorder
Audio can be captured using a microphone or sound card.

Back up Files

You can back up files on :

Hard Discs
Floppy Discs


The human computer interface is a term to describe the way in which the user communicates with a program. Modern Programs use a (wimp) windows icons menus pointer hci in which the user interacts with the program using a pointing device such as a mouse. A wimp interface used graphcics and so is also known as a GUI ( graphical user interface) guide to the program. This is useful to get an idea of the main features of a software package.

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