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  1. hypo
  2. binary compound
  3. structural formula
  4. metals
  5. semi metals
  1. a below, under, deficient
  2. b located to the left of the zig-zag line and are malleable, good conductors, ductile, shiny, mostly solids.
  3. c elements on the periodic table that have properties of both metals and nonmetals
  4. d an expanded molecular formula showing the arrangement of atoms within the molecule
  5. e chemical compound composed of only two elements

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  1. a combination of chemical symbols and numbers to represent a substance
  2. acids that consist of two elements, usually hydrogen and a halogen
  3. having one atom in the molecule
  4. positively charged ions
  5. of or relating to a molecule made up of two atoms

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  1. ionselectrically charged atoms that have gained or lost electrons.


  2. ternary acidsacids that consist of two elements, usually hydrogen and a halogen


  3. molecular compoundsCompound that contains atoms of three or more different elements


  4. metaloidselements that touch the zigzag line except Aluminum - share properties of metals and nonmetals


  5. stock system(physics and chemistry) the simplest structural unit of an element or compound