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  1. molecular compounds
  2. ternary compounds
  3. monatomic
  4. emperical formula
  5. ions
  1. a simple whole number ratios of elements in a compound
  2. b Compound that contains atoms of three or more different elements
  3. c compounds composed of molecules.
  4. d electrically charged atoms that have gained or lost electrons.
  5. e having one atom in the molecule

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  1. chemical analysis to determine the amounts of each element in the substance
  2. a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements according to atomic number as based on the periodic law
  3. an expanded molecular formula showing the arrangement of atoms within the molecule
  4. located to the left of the zig-zag line and are malleable, good conductors, ductile, shiny, mostly solids.
  5. tightly bound groups of atoms that behave as a unit and carry a charge

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  1. non metalselements on the periodic table that have properties of both metals and nonmetals


  2. molecular formulaa chemical formula of a molecular compound that shows the kinds and numbers of atoms present in a molecule of a compound


  3. semi metalsright of the zigzag line, not malleable/ductile, not shiny, poor conductors.


  4. diatomichaving one atom in the molecule


  5. binary compoundCompound that contains atoms of three or more different elements