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Elbow muscle insertion and origin Kinesiology

Bicep Brachii Long Insertion
Bicipittal aponeurosis
Bicep Brachii Short Insertion
Radial tuberosity
Bicep Brachii Long Origin
Supraglenoid tubercle
Bicep Brachii Short Origin
Coracoid process
Brachialis Muscle Insertion
Coronoid Process of Ulna
Brachialis Muscle Origin
Distal Half of anterior portion of Humerus
Bachioradialis Muscle Orgin
Distal 2/3 of Lateral condyloid (Supracondylar) Ridge of Humerus
Tricep Long Head Origin
Infraglenoid Tubercle Of Scapula
Tricep Medial Head Origin
Distal 2/3 of posterior surface of Humerus Upper half of posterior surface of the Humerus
Tricep Short Head Origin
Upper half of posterior surface of the Humerus
Triceps Insertion
Olecranon Process Ulna
Anconeus Insertion
Posterior surface of upper Ulna and Olecranon
Posterior surface of lateral condyle of the Humerus
Pronator Teres Insertion
Middle 3rd of lateral surface of Radius
Pronatot Teres Origin
Distal part of Medial Condyloid ridge of Humerus, Medial side of proximal Ulna
Pronator Quadratus Insertion
Distal 4th of anterior side of Radius
Pronator Quadratus Origin
Distal 4th of anterior side of Ulna
Supinator Muscle Orgin
Lateral epicondyle Of Humerus
Supinator Muscle Insertion
Lateral surface Proximal radius just below the Head