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Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Chapter 1 Summary
- Janie arrives to Eatonville
- makes a grand entrance
- people are suspicious, jealous, and gossip about her on their porches
- she doesn't talk to them
- goes home, Pheoby meets here
- begins to tell Pheoby her story
Where does Janie arrive to in Chapter 1?
Analyze: Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board. For some they come in with the tide. For others they sail forever on the horizon, never out of sight, never landing until the Watcher turns her eyes away in resignation, his dreams mocked by death and time. That is the life of men.
- Life for men
- more opportunities
- waiting mentality
- men are more realistic
- have more opportunities, so they are willing to give up on some of their dreams
Analyze: Now, women forget all those things they don't want to remember, and remember everything they don't want to forget. The dream is the truth. Then they act and do things accordingly.
- harder life
- fewer opportunities
- since there are fewer opportunities, they refuse to let them go
- working through it, working hard to make dream reality
What kind of people does Janie come back from burying?
the sodden dead
(people who have drowned)
Significance of people on the porch
- depreciating others to make themselves feel better
- they are in control
- jealousy
- come alive through trash talk
- making themselves feel better
- growth of African american culture and oral tradition
What does Janie come back dressed in
overalls (symbolic of life with Tea Cake
How does Janie view Tea Cake's death?
- an experience
- she isn't mournful
- she has gone out and seen and done things
- outside of Eatonville
- she has been able to really discover who she is
How does Janie refer to her grandmother?
Janie's Life growing up
- grew up among a white family
- never thought of herself as different
- didn't really experience much descrimination (though some)
The story is told by a ______ person narrator
What does Janie experience under the pear tree?
- sexual awakening
- interest in love and marriage
- establishing her dream
- becoming a woman
- ideal love
Who does Janie kiss?
Johnny Taylor
Janie is ________ African American, and _____ Caucasian
75%; 25%
When is "the end of [Janie's] childhood"
after the pear tree and the kiss
Who does Nanny marry Janie off to?
Logan Killiks
Why does Nanny want to marry off Janie?
- give her the opportunity Nanny never had
- better life
- protection for Janie
Analyze: Mule of the world idea
- life is hardest for black women
- based on Nanny's own experience
Nanny says, "put me down east Janie, I am a __________"
cracked plate
Who is Janie's mother?
Chapter 2 Summary
- Janie growing up
- life with white family, and school
- pear tree and Johnny Taylor
- Nanny's narrative on her life
- Nanny intends to marry Janie of to Logan Killiks
What are Janie's feels about love and Logan Killiks?
- thinks that she will come to love him
- can't even though she tries
- loveless and unhappy marriage
Themes of Logan/ Life with Logan
- loveless marriage
- dull loge
- he is consistent and does provide for her
- works hard, and puts up with Janie
- tries to force Janie into working
- want Janie to love him/ be happy
Does Nanny care about Janie's feelings about Logan?
No (just wants security)
What was Janie's first dream, and why did it die?
Love and happiness in an ideal marriage; crushed by Logan, must accept reality
Chapter 3 Summary
- wants to come to love Logan
- doesn't
- goes to Nanny, who doesn't help
- Nanny dies
- dream crushed
What does Logan want Janie to do?
work in the field with him
What does Joe represent?
- opportunity
- new horizon
- chance of love in marriage
What does Janie think of Joe?
- not ideal situation, but there is opportunity
- horizon, not pear tree
What symbolic thing does Janie do when she leaves Logan?
- throws off her apron
- leaving behind domestic life with Logan
Chapter 4 Summary
- Logan wants Janie to do manual labor
- flirting with and meeting Joe
- Logan and Janie fight
- Logan wants her to love him and be happy, cries
- Janie leaves with Joe
- gets married
How is Joe able to start the town?
- Charismatic
- people are drawn to him
- he gets things done
Who do Janie and Joe first meet in Eatonville?
Hicks and Coker
Why is Hicks jealous?
- he likes Janie
- she is married and not interested in him
What position of power is Joe given?
How does Joe begin to treat Janie?
- trophy wife
- chauvenistic
- doesn't let her speak
- stifling
What does Joe make Janie wear? Significance?
- Head rag
- he wants to keep her to himself
- doesn't let her be herself
- holding back her womanhood
Free Indirect Discourse
Writing in which the inner thoughts of a character are presented directly in an otherwise third person narrative
Chapter 5 Summary
- life with Joe beginning
- Joe's charisma and getting the twon started
- lamp post
- elected mayor
- begins stifling Janie
Does Janie enjoy working in the store?
Who owns the yellow mule?
Matt Bonner
What is the mule story an example of?
- porch culture
- style of arguement
T or F: Janie engages in the mule conversation
False (Joe doesn't allow her to)
Describe how Jody sees Janie
- as property
- objectifies her
- wants her to himself
- jealous of attention she gets
Describe how Janie reacts to Jody putting her down
- silent rebellions
- batters against rock
- hasn't found her voice yet, but not willing to give up
Why does Jody buy the mule?
- for public appearance
- to please Janie
Why does Janie sympathize with the mule?
- representative of the weak and powerless
What do the buzzards represent? In relation to the mule?
Men in society's treatment of women
- the black woman is the mule of the world
Who is the woman that the men on the porch objectify?
How old is Janie when she realized that her marriage is not going well and that she is unhappy? What triggers this?
24 yrs old; Jody slaps her
What falls of the shelf inside Janie?
her positive image of Jody
Janie describes her time with Jody as trying not to mix her ______ and ______
inside; outside
Why does Jody begin to pick on Janie?
- jealousy
- he is getting old
- Janie still looks good
- societal standards of treatment of women
When does Joe "crumble" before Janie?
- when she emasculates him in front of the store
- finally expressing herself
- establishing her voice
After being emasculated by Janie, the images describing Jody seem to be reminiscent of ___________
the mule
Why does Jody think he is dying?
Janie has cursed him/ poisoned him
Why is Jody actually dying?
Suffering from kidney failure
T or F: Death is not personified
Describe Janie's personification of Death
- square toed
- scary depiction
- executioner
- winged beast
How does the gown react to Jody dying?
very interested
What is one of the messages Hurston displays through Jody?
power corrupts and consumes people
Why is it important that Janie gets the last word?
She is finally liberated and can go on to a new beginning
When does Janie reveal that she always hated Nanny?
after Joe's funeral
How does Janie describe her face during Joe's funeral?
starched and ironed
Pheoby's function as a character?
- takes on voice of townspeople
- connection between Janie and the town
- accepting
- lets Janie make own decisions
- great friend!
Important parts of Janie and Tea Cake's first meeting
- they feel comfortable
- respect each other
- flirt and laugh
- TC is honest and is what he appears to be
How old is Janie when she meets TC? How old is he?
40; 30
What is different about her relationship with Tea Cake?
There is actually some courtship
Synopsis of Courtship
- Tea Cake is dedicated
- Janie is suspicious
- They have fun together
How does the town view Janie's relationship with Tea Cake?
- shameful
- they are judgemental
- maybe a little jealous
Who is Pheoby's husband?
Janie's state of mind a/b marrying TC
- willing to give love and marriage another chance
- wants to go and live
- maybe it will be the pear tree
- has her voice
Where do Janie and TC meet?
Janie is afraid Tea Cake will leave her similar to how ________ was left and robbed by Who Flung
Annie Tyler
How much money did TC take?
200 $
What is discovered as one of TC's flaws?
he gambles
How does the money incident affect their relationship?
- able to see eachothers' faults
- Janie's "soul comes out"
- positive
Where do TC and J move to?
The Everglades
Sentence encapsulating the Everglades
Work all day for money, fight all night for love
Positive Things for Janie
- growth of relationship
- becoming part of community
- unrestrained
What do the overalls represent?
- unrestrained life
- equality with men (more)
- freedom
- hard work
- living for herself
Sexual Undercurrents
- Nunkie
- attitudes
- Mrs. Turner's brother
Mrs. Turner
Owns a restaurant, proud of her white features, worships Janie for hers, wants Janie to marry her brother instead of a dark man like Tea Cake
- Gods extended metaphor
Social Mix of People
- positive for Janie
- Bahamans
- Indians
- Whites
- People of the 'Glades
Tea Cake and the Indians
- ironic statements
- racism
- proven wrong
- Hurston making a point
Why is Janie okay with dying?
She has finally lived and experienced life!!!
When does the title appear?
During the flood
Who miraculously survives?
What is the flood compared to?
a monster
Dog story
- Janie grabs onto cow
- Dog tries to bite
- TC saves
- gets bitten
How is Janie's killing TC a sacrifice?
- sacrificing her love for him
- letting him die before he does something he would regret, mess with his ideals
Why are the seeds significant?
- continuation of Growing
- Tea Cake has started something
- passing this on
- will stay with Janie
Janie's advice
- love and life are active
- take advantage
- go out and live
Who sympathize with Janie?
white women
What does Janie think is worse than death?
Being misunderstood
- she loved him so much that it would be disgraceful to think otherwise
TC contracted _______
Could TC have gotten better?
No, incurable
Last line of book
She called in her soul to come and see
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