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  1. human skills
  2. liaison
  3. disseminator
  4. first line manager
  5. effectiveness
  1. a functional head, supervisor
  2. b share info with other in department or throughout the company
  3. c interpersonal role of dealing with people outside the ceremonies
  4. d is accomplishing tasks that help fulfill the organizations goals
  5. e work well with others. Used more so in top management, and progressively gets lower down the chain of command

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  1. dealing with conflicts or crisis that need immediate action
  2. assign responsibility for task accomplishment
  3. ceo, corporate or group head, vice president of administration
  4. sharing info outside the company
  5. determine goals and ways to attain them

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  1. middle managersbusiness unit head, department manager


  2. monitorinfo role of scanning the environment for information


  3. interpersonalmonitor, dissemination, spokesperson


  4. conceptual skillssee the organization as a whole and the relationship among its parts. Use more in top management than in lower management


  5. negotiatorinfo role of scanning the environment for information