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  1. middle managers
  2. negotiator
  3. leader
  4. entrepreneur
  5. planning
  1. a motivate and encourage workers to accomplish organizational goals
  2. b negotiate schedules, project goals, outcomes, resources, and employee raises
  3. c determine goals and ways to attain them
  4. d ability to adapt to change
  5. e business unit head, department manager

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  1. functional head, supervisor
  2. is getting work done with minimal effort
  3. work well with others. Used more so in top management, and progressively gets lower down the chain of command
  4. is accomplishing tasks that help fulfill the organizations goals
  5. monitor, dissemination, spokesperson

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  1. resource allocatorshare info with other in department or throughout the company


  2. Management is...getting work done through others efficiently and effectively


  3. nonmanagersstaff jobs, line jobs


  4. disturbance handlerdealing with conflicts or crisis that need immediate action


  5. technical skillsapply specialized approaches, techniques, and knowledge. Used more in lower management and progressively gets lower through the levels of management.


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