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"the War of the Wall" bye Toni Cade Bambara

Charrators:Painter lady , narrator, Lou, Morris Twins
Setting:South, corner of Tailiaferrost and fifth
Inciting Action
Painter lady is painting on the wall.
Rising Action
They tell the paunter lady aboput the wall. Morris twins bring the Painter lady "suppah". Painter lady goes to the restaurant. mama scolds her for being pickey/ not speaking to elters. Lou and narrater dicide to graffittie the wall.
Block party at wall. Lou and narrator see the painting and relize it represents their heritage.
Falling Action
see their own faces. see African Americans. see people from the neighborhood.
see Jimmy Lyons name in the rainbow
realize Jimmy Lyons is the Painter ladys cousin.
Central conflict
Boys VS. Painter Lady