el centro comercial

the mall

el mercado

the market

el almacén

the warehouse/ dept store

el piso

the floor

el ascensor

the elevator

la moneda

the coin/sometimes referred to as money

la talla

the size (as in clothes)

la rebaja/la venta/la oferta/la ganga

a sale/a bargain/ a clearance

la bolsa

the bag/purse

las rayas

the stripes

la lana

the wool

el cheque

the check

los muebles

the furniture

la cajera

the cashier

la ropa - can never be made plural

the clothes

el algodón

the cotton

la seda

the silk

el cuero

the leather

el cambio/la feria

the change (as in money back/ coins)

el botón

the button

el tamaño

the size (object)

el bolsillo

the pocket

las mangas

the sleeves

la etiqueta

the tag/ the label

el precio

the price

la tarjeta de crédito

the credit card

pagar al contado/ pagar en efectivo

to pay in cash

el descuento

the discount

la compra

the purchase

el carrito

the shopping cart

la cesta

the basket

la marca

the brand

el/la dependiente

the clerk

la caja

the cash register

el gancho / la percha

the hanger

el hipermercado

the hypermarket (for example: Sam's club)


to try on/ to taste/ to test


to pay


to spend/ to waste


to wish/ to want/ to desire


to buy


to cost


to return (a thing)


to return/ to come back


to leave behind/ to leave alone/ to drop off


to close


to change/ to exchange


to ask for


to bargain/to haggle


to open


to save (money/ time)

estar de moda

to be fashionable


to charge


to save (money/ time)


to use


to reduce

usar/ calzar

to use as in shoe size





la salida

the exit

cerrado al mediodía

closed for lunch

está defectuoso

its defective

Me queda bien

It fits me well.

No me queda bien.

It doesn't fit me well.


Leave me alone / drop me off


Take me

¿No puedes llevarme?

Couldn't you take me?

¿Qué les parece?

What do you (all) think?

No me queda ninguno.

None fits me/ I don't have any left

Hecho de

Made of

Me gustaría

I would like

El/la mejor

The best

El/la peor

The worst

¿Qué compraste?

What did you buy?

¿Cómo va a pagar?

How are you going to pay?

¿Cuánto cuesta?

How much does it cost?

¿Cuánto cuestan?

How much do they cost?

Cuesta demasiado

It is too expensive.

¡Cuesta un ojo de la cara!

It costs an arm and a leg!

¿En que puedo servirle?

How may I help you?

¿Qué tipo de ...?

What type/ kind of _______?

Está caro (a)

It's expensive

Está barato (a)

It's cheap

A sus ordenes

Pleased to serve you./at your service.

Hay un gran surtido

There is a great selection/ large assortment.

Busco ...

I am looking for.

¿Cómo me veo en ______?

How do I look in _________

¡Te ves super bien!

You look really good!

¿Qué te parece ____?

What do you think of ____?

Me parece ______

It's _________

¡Es un robo!

It's a rip off!

¡Tú te quejas de todo!

You complain about everything!

¡Date prisa!

Hurry up!

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