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  1. Asoka
  2. Veads
  3. Hinduism believes
  4. envaded India from the north
  5. Gupta
  1. a Aryans expert horse riders
  2. b life is saccred
  3. c ancient hyms and prayers
  4. d rejected violence and embraced Buhddism
  5. e golden age of Indian culture

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  1. rulers govern from capital city
  2. a postal system and a centralized government
  3. where India's first settlements were
  4. 1.Life is full of suffering 2. People suffer because they desire worldly things and self-satisfaction 3.The way to end suffering is to stopdesiring things 4.The only way to stop desiring things is to follow the eight fold path
  5. zero and algarithim

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  1. What happens if a couple has no children?the man takes another wife


  2. How were Aryans able to rule people that out numbered them?the man takes another wife


  3. Budda meansHindu god; creator of the world


  4. Carmarejected violence and embraced Buhddism


  5. BrahmanHindu god; creator of the world