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  1. How were Aryans able to rule people that out numbered them?
  2. Carma
  3. Whose expert horseman invaded India from the north?
  4. Veads
  5. Asoka
  1. a ancient hyms and prayers
  2. b rejected violence and embraced Buhddism
  3. c Aryans
  4. d by the caste system
  5. e consequences on how a person lives their life

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  1. life is saccred
  2. where India's first settlements were
  3. a postal system and a centralized government
  4. golden age of Indian culture
  5. raja; conqured lands left by Alexander the Great

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  1. suteegolden age of Indian culture


  2. Gupta religiongolden age of Indian culture


  3. Name to advances that whithout there wouldn't be any camputers and algarithim


  4. Sanskritwriten language developed by the Aryans


  5. Taught by gurudynasty made Hinduism their eficial religion