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  1. Asoka
  2. Mauryan acheivements include-
  3. Chandagupta Maura
  4. Brahman
  5. Gupta
  1. a raja; conqured lands left by Alexander the Great
  2. b golden age of Indian culture
  3. c rejected violence and embraced Buhddism
  4. d Hindu god; creator of the world
  5. e a postal system and a centralized government

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  1. rulers govern from capital city
  2. Aryans expert horse riders
  3. ancient hyms and prayers
  4. zero and algarithim
  5. 1.Life is full of suffering 2. People suffer because they desire worldly things and self-satisfaction 3.The way to end suffering is to stopdesiring things 4.The only way to stop desiring things is to follow the eight fold path

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  1. Budda meansenlightened one


  2. Hinduism believesdynasty made Hinduism their eficial religion


  3. Gupta religiondynasty made Hinduism their eficial religion


  4. What happens if a couple has no children?because it rejected caste system


  5. Carmarejected violence and embraced Buhddism