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  1. 4 noble Truths
  2. What happens if a couple has no children?
  3. Carma
  4. Name to advances that whithout there wouldn't be any camputers today.
  5. sutee
  1. a consequences on how a person lives their life
  2. b zero and algarithim
  3. c A sutee is when after her husbands funeral she commits suicide. This goes to show you how far love can go, even far enough that you commit suicide. Men and Woman must be deeeeeeeeply in love for the woman to kill herself because the man dies.
  4. d 1.Life is full of suffering 2. People suffer because they desire worldly things and self-satisfaction 3.The way to end suffering is to stopdesiring things 4.The only way to stop desiring things is to follow the eight fold path
  5. e the man takes another wife

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  1. ancient hyms and prayers
  2. life is saccred
  3. golden age of Indian culture
  4. Hindu god; creator of the world
  5. upper claste boys

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  1. Chandagupta Mauragolden age of Indian culture


  2. centrallized govenmentwhere India's first settlements were


  3. Budda meansHindu god; creator of the world


  4. envaded India from the northAryans expert horse riders


  5. Asokarejected violence and embraced Buhddism