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client centered therapy

carl rogers is well known for his work in humanistic therapy, which is also known as

conditioned response

a person who expresses anxiety and discomfort while attending a visitation at a funeral home is most likely experiencing

concurrent stresses

determinant of grief


the event of a loss


the defense mechanism by which a person refuses to see things as they are because such facts are threatening to the ego is

safety and security

bowlby, attachments come from a need for


affect is synonymous with


the process of incorporating a loss into ones life is known as


blame directed outward is the definition of


blame directed inward is the definition of

external response to an emotion

crying would be an ex of


blame perceived to be directed at the self from others


suicide resulting from a hopeless situation

closure, emotion, and psychological

the funeral rite satisfies all of these


an emotion characterized by sudden and extreme fear


in the early stages of developing a counseling relationship, it is important for the counselor to be


directive counseling is aka


acts of mourning is to exp the pain of the loss

grief therapy

using specialized techniques to help people with abnormal grief is known as

grief syndrome

carl rogers is most frequently associated with


the state of being prevented from attaining a goal best defines

non directive

client centered counseling is also known as

grief counseling

helping people to facilitate uncomplicated grief to a healthy completion of the tasks of grieving within a reasonable time frame best defines


allows for anticipatory grief to occur

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