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Nutrition Test 1 final 2

Which yields energy but also provides materials that form structures and working parts of body tissues?
One gram of alcohol is equal to ___ calories.
a necessary nutrient that can be only obtained through the diet
A certain amount of fiber in foods contributes to the health of the digestive tract, but too much fiber leads to nutrient losses. This is a characteristic of _____
empty calorie
Sugar, butter, and corn oil are examples of ______ _______ foods that provide few nutrients with many cals
Foods that have been subjected to any process such as additives, milling, or cooking are called _______ foods
One of the characteristics of a nutritious diet is that the foods provide enough of each essential nutrient, fiber, and energy. This principal of diet planning is called ______
Functional foods
Which term was coined in an attempt to identify foods that might lend protection against chronic diseases by way of the nutrients or nonnutrients they contain?
How many cals are in a food that contains 20 grams of carbs, 8 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fat?
A food provides 8 grams of fat and 300 total cals. What is the % of cals as fat in this product?
Vitamins do not yield usable energy
Your best friend tells you that she has started taking vitamin supplements to give her energy. How would you respond to this?
Whole foods
Which is the best and safest sources of phytochemicals?
include a variety of fruits and vegetables containing phytochemicals in your diet.
As more research is showing the possible benefits of phytochemicals for health, the best way to approach consuming them in your diet is to ?
the recommended amounts will vary, depending on age, physical activity, and gender.
When determining the amounts of food to eat from each group in the USDA food guide pyramid each day, you need to remember that
nutrient density
3 ounces of beef stew offer about the same amount of iron as 3 ounces of water packed tuna, but the beef contains over 300 cals while the tuna about 100 cals. This is an example of
wait to apply the findings until they have been repeated and confirmed by scientists
You see a new finding about nutrition reported in your local newspaper. Based on this info you would ?
have a serving of cooked carrots with her meal in addition to her salad
A 51 year old sedentary woman still has some discretionary cals available for evening meal. The best choice for her to select for that meal would be to ?
The product could be either nutritious or not nutritious
When you purchase a food product which is enriched this means:
They decrease the risk of developing certain diseases when they are eaten
phytochemicals found in foods are important because:
Positive association
Having cake and ice-cream as part of your birthday celebration is an example of:
The info needs to be checked for scientific validity and accuracy
an advertisement for a new performance enhancing supplement is on web. What can you assume about the ad for supplement?
all of the above
you can tell a claim about nutrition is suspect if it bears the following characteristics:
your family always has rice at every meal, every generation has done it. This is an example of?
They are minimum requirements not recommendations.
Which is not true about RDA?
Insufficient data exists to establish a value
If a nutrient does not have a Tolerable Upper Intake Level, this means that?
They are used on food labels
Which of the following are characteristics of Daily Value?
Based on USDA Food Guide Pyramid, at least ______ servings should be eaten daily from fruits and veggies?
CHICKEN with No Skin
Which of the following foods in meat, poultry, fish, legumes, eggs, and nuts groups of the USDA has highest nutrient density?
Refined grains and added sugars
The 2005 Dietary Guidelines encourage Americans to consume less