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American Reform Movements #2

Suffrage and Temperance

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The right to vote.
15th Amendment
All US male citizens have the right to vote.
Poll Tax
A tax of a fixed amount per person and payable as a requirement for the right to vote
Grandfather Clause
A device used by southern states to disenfranchise African Americans. It restricted voting to those whose grandfathers had voted before 1867.
Literacy Test
A test given to persons to prove they can read and write before being allowed to register to vote
24th Amendment
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1964) eliminated the poll tax as a prerequisite to vote in national elections.
Voting Rights Act of 1965
1965: ended literacy tests, provided federal registrars where whites prevented blacks from voting
Seneca Falls Convention
(1848) the first national women's rights convention at which the Declaration of Sentiments was written
Lucretia Mott
A Quaker who attended an anti-slavery convention in 1840 and her party of women was not recognized. She and Stanton called the first women's right convention in New York in 1848, Seneca Falls Convention.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
A prominent advocate of women's rights, Stanton organized the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention with Lucretia Mott
Susan B. Anthony
(1820-1906) An early leader of the women's suffrage (right to vote) movement, co-founded the National Women's Suffrage Association with Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1869.
19th Amendment
(1920) gave women the right to vote
26th Amendment
(1971) Lowered the voting age to 18 because men where able to be drafted into the Vietnam war but weren't allowed to vote.
Temperance Movement
campaign to limit or ban the use of alcoholic beverages
Women's Christian Temperance Union
A progressive group committed to banning alcohol. Helped pass the 18 amendment
A ban on the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages
18th Amendment
Prohibited the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages
During the prohibition times, this shady business was created it produced, transported, and sold alcohol. It was a multi billion dollar business.
A place where alcoholic drinks were sold and consumed illegally during prohibition
21st Amendment
Amendment which ended the Prohibition of alcohol in the US, repealing the 18th amendment