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Ascaris Lumbricoides

Phylum Nematodoa
Picture - Male (drawn) (practice drawing female)
Live in digestive tract and continue to cycle through
Females are longer
Males posterior end curves and may have pair of copulatory spicules (male is shown)

Roundworm sexes

Pg 155 fig 10.4


Pg 157 fig 10.9
Phylum Nematodoa
Ancylostoma duodenale/Necator americanus
Live in the small intestine then eggs are released in feces. The larvae live in the soil until they contact human skin, which they bury through to reach the bloodstream.


a muscular cavity at the end of the large intestine through which digestive wastes, urine, and eggs or sperm leave the body

Trichinella spiralis

Phylum Nematodoa
causes disease trichinosis, encysted worm in meat is eaten then enter body. Never exit.

Phylum Mollusca

Kingdom Animalia
Classes Polyplacophora, Gastropoda, Cephalopoda, Bivalvia
Pg 166 fig 11.1


Pg 166 partial of just that
Oval body with eight dorsal plates and a large flat foot.
Algal feeders
Mostly lives in the marine intertidal zone, but all depths of ocean
About 600 species


Snails and limpets
Note: radula, foot, antennae, eyes, mouth
pg 175 find pic


tongue-shaped structure used for feeding by snails and slugs
slide had green shape with brown teeth on it (look at notes for drawing)


In class Squids, Octopus, Nautilus
Most advanced mollusks
Possess a large head with conspicuous eyes, complex nervous system, complex behavior, 8 or 10 arms, shell often internal, reduced, or absent
sexually dimorphis
know ventral and dorsal surface

sexual dimorphis

sexual differences in males and females
ex. octopi will have a odd end to a tentacle to give female sperm

Class Bivalvia

Clams and mussels
Life cycle - eggs fertilized in the brood pouches, they develope into tiny larvae (glochidia) which are released from the mussel into the fish (lured to the mussel) to be parasites on the fish. They detach after 10-30 days and grow up on the bottom.
A-Mantel (other pin) B- Foot C- Gills


rounded head


pointed head with fans, smaller


snail like shell with tentacles that grab, swims (not a snail!)


looks like a vagina


Gastropoda (on phone)


Term that describes. An animal that possesses a true coelom (a body cavity lined by tissue completely derived from mesoderm).


shell, insides, and eggs in strip displayed


Class: Polyplacophora


Looks like guitar pick, or a heart that is breaking. Hole in the center for clamping on. Grab onto fish and spread.

Human Hookworm

Thick body with quick tapering to mouth with jaws and teeth

Dog hookworm

hairy end

Trichinella spiralis

larva in muscle
muscle is little circular cells with line that is larva

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